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** WITHDRAWN ** £1850 Sei Bass Flamboyant 5 Fretless - Trade options added

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Price drop to £1850 - grab a bargain.

I bought this last year from Goldbass via The Gallery. I really hoped my fat little fingers would get on with the beautifully shallow neck profile but sadly I am not getting the best from it.

Martin dates it at early 2000's and it is in amazing condition for a 15+ year old bass. One very small dent on the bottom of the front face - photo attached. Other than that it is immaculate.

Incredible build quality. Martin and John have an enviable ( and justified ) reputation and this one is a beaut.


Madrone Burl front and back, and matching peghead. 

Ash wings

Flame maple / Wenge 7 piece neck

Ebony board lined with Mahogany ( very subtle ), blue LED's on the fret lines

Bartolini MM pup with series / parallel switch

ABM piezo bridge with piezo preamp ( internal controls ) to balance output with mag pup - set and forget.

Schack 18v preamp with internal dips for BMT centres / boost, volume and blend. Tone controls work on both mag and piezo.

Gotoh tuners, dunlop strap locks. Strung with Daddario chromes.

Weight on my scales just over 8lbs

Hiscox hard case.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Would trade for a Rob Allen 4 string fretless or other quality 4 string fretless - Sei, GB, Shuker, ACG, Sadowsky, Lull etc

Thanks for looking.












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withdrawn from sale
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Happy to trade for a quality 4 string fretless - Acoustic / electric - Rob Allen, Sei, GB, Shuker, ACG, Lull, Sadowsky etc.

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No. 66? I have no. 68! (I’d post pics but don’t want to confuse your sale) Almost exactly the same config as yours, except 4 string with a single Lane Poor MM pickup. Never going to part with mine I’m afraid (made for me by Martin), but best of luck with the sale!



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Thanks Andy. When this goes I will be talking to Martin about a 4 string fretless - what year was yours built ?

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I was talking about this to Martin when last in the Gallery (Buying a used 4 string fretted flamboyant - I’m now a 2sei family!) and neither of us could quite pin it down, either 2000 or 2001 we think, which would certainly place your #66 in that time too.


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Price dropped to £1850 - I have my on something else. Grab a bargain !!

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Sadly no takers for my Sei so withdrawn. Thank to all for the interest shown.

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      I am selling my beautiful Yamaha TRB 5II bass in the left-handed version. The bass is finished in transparent blue with matching headstock.
      This is one of the first basses in this series, built in Japan in march 1998. It is equipped with two Alnico V humbuckers (single coil + dummy coil) and a 3 band electronic. The neck (35") is made of maple with a rosewood fretboard fitted with 24 frets and a bone nut. This TRB is not light wighted but very comfortable to play. Ash (Lite-Ash) was chosen as the body wood.
      The TRB 5II has a direct, tight tone, which reproduces every single note in great detail. Also the B-string is very concrete in the sound reproduction. Even when the bass EQ is turned to max, the TRB does not tend to thump. This bass offers a lot of low ends, which makes him a Reggae Monster if you want. The heights are silvery and not intrusive and provide crisp slap and pick sounds.
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      Stunning singlecut bass made in the Fodera workshop in Brooklyn, NYC.
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      Extended B string.
      26 'frets'.
      34" scale.
      19mm string spacing at the bridge.
      48m nut width.
      Fodera premium padded gig bag.
      Excellent overall condition. Some minor surface bumps which are unnoticeable unless closely inspected.
      3 band EQ with selectable mid requency selector and coil tap switches.
      I am not looking to trade, thank you.
      The bass is now residing in The Bass Gallery, in Camden, London where it can be viewed and played. They have suggested finance options for paying in installments too.


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      Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2003 Custom Thumb NT 5. 
      I bought this bass nearly new quite a few years ago now, it's spent more of that time tucked away in it's case than it should have so it's still looking pretty good - there's a handful of tiny dings here and there, I can try and get pics if you want but most of them aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them (if you see what I mean). 
      Custom options wise it's an ovangkol body with an ebony fretboard and a 3 band eq, I had the Dunlop recessed straplocks fitted by the Bass Centre in London where I bought it (if anyone knows Jimmy who used to work there it was him who commissioned the build and sold it to me). Comes with a very solid Warwick flight case and truss rod tool, and of course the straplocks to go with the recessed buttons. 
      Apart from that it's a Warwick Thumb Bass, pretty distinctive sound and looks, what else do you need to know? 
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      Purchased on here from the below thread still in the excellent condition I received it as its not left the house! Better pics in the original thread.

      My Feedback
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