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Red Sound Cabs/Speaker Systems for Modellers


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Hi everyone,

I couldn't find a post on these and so I wanted to give you the heads up on them.

A friend of mine is now the UK distributor for these and they're designed to work with modellers *(Helix, Kemper etc) - https://www.clearsoundmusic.co.uk/

 I've heard the modellers mentioned being used with Atomic Cabs, RCFs, DRXs etc and they were ok, but I still thought there was something missing i.e. that real amp feel and response.

Well, last week, I had a full day in the studio with one of the powered cabs and a Helix, Kemper and my own guitar and bass amps on hand for comparison. I was really impressed with the sound, response, clarity and clout with both bass and guitar when we put the respective modellers through the Red Sound and it sounded like an amp and it was a different experience to when I heard them previously through the other cabs, particularly the very good DRXs. On this occasion, it sounded almost 3D-like and not directional at all and the sound dispersion is excellent. The Helix through one of these was particularly impressive (that Cougar bass amp model is damn good)!

As it matched, and surpassed in some instances, my own amps, I might be ready to dip my toe into the World of Modelling, but not fully yet. I figure a Helix Stomp is a great place to start as I can put it on my board, integrate it and have it replacing my delay, modulation and other fx. However, it then offers an amp backup, too but also a chance to start trying/using it as my amp for bass and guitar, and I understand there's quite a few Stomp owners and users on here who rate it. That's when the Red Sound will come into play.

Seriously, this is an impressive bit of kit where I could hear the difference from the 'rest of the herd'. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Peter at Clear Sound and mention me (Cos) and that you're from the BassChat ;)



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I can concur - these are really fabulous cabs. Extremely well made and incredible sound and dispersion..... my (Kemper-using) guitarist demo'd one with our theatre show recently and has already decided to order one as soon as he has the money! I too noticed the difference on stage - I could hear him a lot clearer wherever I roamed on the large stage.... and seemingly without him needing to do any volume boost.

I had the opportunity to briefly try one of the powered 1x12 cabs at home with my Tech21 DP3X and it sounded monstrous - I'd like to demo it again at some point and REALLY give it some welly!

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The cab has some sort of proprietary dispersion system. Seriously, the sound dispersion from this thing and the quality of the sound are impressive and it sounds bigger than a 1x12.

I'll try and find out specifically what it is :)

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