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Fender Precision 1966 - Sonic Blue Refin
St Albans

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gotta let this one go.  Found it in the US looking sad and needing some love.  Spent a lot of shilling on a light relic refin in sonic blue.  Paint job is fantastic.  The backplate, pickups and neck all match for 1966.  The tuners are probably not original and nor is the scratchplate.

That's about it.  Will consider an offer, if it's sensible, and if we jive in the love of P.



Other Photos and refin photos available ...



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Well, if we're going down that road - I don't live in St Albans either, but I have the cash. Unfortunately, I'm not interested, sold 4 or 6 Precisions last year. Just got my favourite left, and that's not left its case this year.

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    • By therealting
      This fantastic little P/J is probably the best value fretless you can get! Plays and sounds like something several times the price, and while it is certainly a worthy first or backup fretless, it’s actually good enough to be your main gigging one.
      Unlined rosewood board, maple neck with skunk stripe. Alder body I believe with sunburst finish, passive VVT electronics. Very decent hardware, and the neck is as comfortable as you’d expect. Low action with plenty of mwah!
      I think these are Dunlop flatwounds on them.
      I am not sure of the exact weight, but this is a lightweight bass and balances very well on a strap.
      Collection preferred from London SE3.
      I have some other stuff for sale here, would certainly be tempted by upward trades for more than one item.

    • By Heathy
      For sale is my American Deluxe Precision.
      P/J pickup configuration. 3 band active EQ with Active/Passive switch. Weighing in at 9lbs.
      The bass dates to 2012, but still had the cellophane on the tuners and pickguard when purchased on this forum in 2016. It is still in excellent condition with all original parts.
      Looking for £950 £900. Price includes spare tort pickguard, original Fender hard case +candy.
      Collection preferred, or buyer to arrange shipping. However, I would be happy to meet up within a reasonable distance (I am based in North Essex).
      Not looking for trades. Sorry.
      My feedback thread is here:
      Pics below.

    • By sunfish
      Here is a Fender Precision Lyte in black sparkle with hard case.   £525
      Made in Japan. Looking online at the serial number, the date I think is  1991 - 92
      These are very well made instruments . Nice and light weight and look great. 
      The neck is Jazz bass width - thin and fast. The action is nice and low.
      There's a really good range of tones to be had with a precision pickup and jazz bridge pickup and an active preamp.
      Active volume and tone for each pickup.
      There are a few dings on the body and at the end of the headstock. - just to add to the mojo.
      I'm in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way within reason.
      Will post for £35 insured

    • By outtaseezun
      Fellaaaaaaz & Fellazettes!
      New Bass Day!!! 
      I am delighted to let U all know that I finally got myself a Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass in Lake Placid Blue. Been hunting down one of those for the past two years & every time they would pop up on my radar, they would be clearly out of reach for either budget or geography reasons...
      That changed yesterday as I was in England visiting the in-laws. One of those appeared on Fb Marketplace a half hour drive from the their place, the price was right, so I jumped on it! 
      Now, the downside is the previous owner was a real pig who knew nothing about how to keep his gear clean & safe from harm. So the bass has suffered in 11 years more than most old school Fenders have in 50 and all the metal parts & pick guard have started to go yellow... 
      I don't even know if the electronics work cuz I'm travelling & do not carry an amp with me everywhere. The guy was a guitarist who didn't own a bass amp & a hoarder apparently, so I didn't make it past the front door. Also, he graciously forgot to take close up pix of the dents in the body, the paint stains on the headstock, or to mention the rusting state of the metal parts (for those of U who want tips on how to take pix in broad daylight in such a way that the yellowing aspect of metal parts doesn't show, I can help U cuz now I know how) ... Glad these people exist, they make the second hand market such a better place for all of us to find happiness, right? 
      Last night a spent an hour or so cleaning the body, the fretboard, & started using Brasso to give the tuning pegs & the knobs some shine... But it still needs work. I wonder though, what do U guys think? Should I let the bass go all vintage or should I restore it completely? 
      If so, would dipping all the metal parts into Coca Cola do the trick? Cuz the Brasso thing won't allow me to reach the small corners, especially in the bridge & tuning mechanisms... I'm also not an electronics guy & am quite reluctant to un soldering all the electronics... But if the general consensus is that I should take the whole bass apart & do a huge cleaning, then I guess I'll do that under Ur guidance! 
      Also, does boiling old strings really bring them back to life? 
      Anyway, thanks for reading through, & thanks for any input U could contribute to help me through this! 
      Here are a couple of pictures: 

    • By TomRandles97
      For sale is my Vox standard 24, that's been defretted. Set up very recently with Ernie Ball Cobalt flats (sounds like rounds, feels like flats). Condition is good considering it is 39 years old but do be aware that there are dings and dents here and there. 
      Only selling as I need funds to cover an unexpected bill and repairs for a broken headstock 
      Based in Leeds, collection preffered
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