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Neck Pocket Dimensions for Squier Standard Series P-Bass Special


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Looking for a replacement neck for the above.   Its the PJ version, made in indonesia form, I think, 2009.  However, I don't want to take it apart for measuring as I use it every day and I'll probably damage it if I do!   So, anyone know the dimensions or which replacement neck might fit??

Many Thanks


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Fender/Squier should be able to provide specs if you ask nicely. It's very easy to remove the neck (as long as you remove the strings first!). Undo 4 screws and away you go (hold the neck in place with your spare hand so it doesn't fall out as you remove the screws). When you put the screws back/re-install the neck, turn them anticlockwise, applying gentle pressure until you feel them engage in the threads in the neck and then tighten gradually in rotation, snugging each up in turn.

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You don't need to remove the neck, just take a tape measure to the front bottom of the neck. I've had several squire p bass specials, and believe they have a standard Fender 63mm pocket.

What type of neck are you thinking of replacing it with, as I have a used Fender spec (63mm) one piece solid maple p neck, can send you pics if interested?

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53 minutes ago, Pirellithecat said:

Thanks for the info - I'm hoping to replace the neck with a similar one i.e.  jazz profile, 38mm at nut, Rosewood fingerboard, and if I was REALLY lucky, one with a black front to the headstock to match the body. 

In my dreams ....... 

Cool. GLWYS. Any standard Fender sized 63mm wide heel jazz neck will fit (Mexico or US, but not Japan).

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Thanks again for the information.  I guess the inevitable next question, which might in retrospect seem a bit daft, is ....

Where would I find a replacement neck?

I could keep my eye out for a second hand "donor" bass I suppose, but there would be no guarantee that the neck would be "perfect".   Or, are there good sources of new necks in the UK? I've had a quick look and there seem to be very few available here which have Rosewood fingerboards at a realistic price (i.e. cheaper than a new "similar" guitar!).

Drat, as they used to say. 

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  • 2 years later...

The neck has now "gone" i.e. truss rod snapped I think.

The adjustment nut still works in so far as it rotates, gets looser or tighter but the bass won't stay in tune.

I've disassembled it and the neck pocket is 64.5mm wide and 16mm deep which seems a bit wider than the standard replacement necks I have found on teh interweb.

I think buying a second hand replacement is probably the way to go, unless anyone has replaced the neck on one of these successfully?

I guess I could play around with the spare body, strip it down and see how it looks.

So, any tips welcomed!


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Sorry to hear about the truss rod. 64.5 sounds a bit wider than usual you're right. It's good to get a good tight fit with the body - I guess you could always get some maple veneer and bulk it out a little bit if it was an issue. I think your best bet is to find a replacement jazz neck - the pocket size is standard between jazz and precision.

I hear good things about https://guitarandbassbuilds.com/ or you could try northwestern. I've had success with allparts but they can be quite pricey.

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