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Leather & Lace - Rock Anthems & Power Ballads show


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Just to let you know that, should any of you be so inclined, you can catch me playing with my fab rock theatre show 'Leather & Lace' at the following gigs in 2019:

Sun 27 Jan        Maidstone Hazlitt Theatre

Sat 2 Feb          Banbury Mill Arts Centre

Fri 8 Mar           Blackburn Thwaites Empire Theatre

Fri 3 May          Havant Park Community Theatre

Fri 31 May        Abergavenny Borough Theatre

Fri 14 June       Worcester Swan Theatre

Fri 2 Aug           Weymouth Pavilion Theatre
Sat 3 Aug          Exeter Phoenix Theatre

Thurs 5 Sept     Harlow Playhouse Theatre
Fri 6 Sept          Bridgwater McMillan Theatre

Sat 21 Sept       Bracknell South Hill Park Arts Centre

Fri 4 Oct           Norwich Maddermarket Theatre
Sat 5 Oct          Halstead Empire

Fri 25 Oct         Porthcawl Grand Pavilion

Fri 8 Nov          Corby Cube Theatre

Sat 7 Dec          Retford Majestic Theatre




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21 minutes ago, grenadillabama said:

your tribute band has better vocal harmony than most of the originals ! tastey Warwick also !Do you use much bass e.q. boost on the Ampeg (ultra low maybe ?) There is not much pick sound.

Thankyou re: harmonies. We spent a lot of time getting it right 🙂

Warwick?!?!?!?!?!? Pfffffft...... it's a Spector! No 'copies' around here 😉

I use a GK400RB or 800RB. Plenty of low end & glassy top from the Spector....Lo mid boost on the GK. 🙂

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