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Music U.K. advert July 1984

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21 hours ago, mentalextra said:

I was a typesetter back then, i know!

It's probably a little harsh to judge the work done at that time by this advert, even 'pre computer' times. The industry went through so many changes around that time. When I joined the trade it was at the start of 'computerisation'. I worked with many guys who had spent their working lives on hot metal. The front end systems were specialised, hugely expensive code driven machines that looked as though they could have put a rocket on the moon, but probably contained the same computing power as an iphone. But it all changed very quickly and fortunately I got out before DTP really took hold and everyone was doing it on their 386!

Anyway, the advert, to my mind, looks as though it's been 'pasted up', done on the cheap. EG check out the word spacing, especially between the words AMAZING and BASS compared to BASS and WITH. Also a little too much space after the word 'pop,' which I think indicates manual paste up and last minute changes! They have RR/RL the three para next to the image but the last para is centred weirdly. I'm guessing the text was set to suit a different design and it's been hacked around! Just my opinion:)

I started just as it became possible to do decent layout and typography on a Mac in 1989. I can remember spending ages creating custom kerning tables in Quark Xpress for some of the less "professional" typefaces we had to use.

Regarding the ad, all the corners of the type look just a little too rounded to me suggesting that it has been re-photogrpahed on the process camera a couple of time too often. But then again that was the norm back in those days. You had to be a very important (and well paying) client to have your type re-set every time you made a copy change.

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On 10/01/2019 at 18:43, DaveFry said:


Henry " The Thumb " Thomas from the Rockschool TV series of the day .

I started playing about then. Got the Slap & Funk course from Henry. Remember it had a transcription of Get on the Floor from MJ

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On 15/01/2019 at 11:02, NewDad said:

Funnily enough, my wife was a CRTronic typesetter in the '80s and owns a Westone Thunder 1A. (Didn't take lessons from Henry though.)

And what manner of technology is your wife nowadays? (Hee... I always like a dangling modifier).

I used to love Rock School on TV. I first "got" blues playing from watching that programme.

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On 11/01/2019 at 23:02, julesb said:

Brilliant gig and he's still playing a Westone (thunder 3a as far as I could see)

Can I just say that it made me rather happy to know he is a) still out there and b) still rocking the Westone Thunder. 

I bought mine because of him, still have it*

*(Dad bought it for my 15th birthday, I sold it when I was 20, I found it again on eBay 20 years later)

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