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ACG Recurve 4 - Sold

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For sale or trade is my ACG Recurve 4. Sold

Good example of Alan's work, nice and light, lovely clear musical tone, purchased by me on here from Gary, original listing and ACG archive linked below which contain decent photo's (excuse my phone pic). In good condition, it does have two hairline cracks on the body, pic attached. Original owner had it checked by Alan who advised they were only in the lacquer not the wood, so no issue.

Trade wise prefer 4's but could be tempted by a 5. Have to be on the light side and I've got the Jazz bass angle covered at the moment.

Bass is located in PE8, collection/trial preferred. Willing to split travel and meet at a reasonable distance if required and postage could be an option.






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3 hours ago, Gardenerben said:


Yep it uses the EQ02 system, so controls are volume and then bass filter stack and treble filter stack,


Thanks for your reply. Love filter eq's ... might have to move some stuff on in an attempt to fund raise!

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Stunning bass this...I had it in a trade deal for a month on this forum.Alas previous owner wanted to trade back,as he found a fault not seen by me,on my bass (honest mistake)..This bass plays and sounds like an absolute dream.The fingerboard is real work of beauty..

GLWTS..Cannot believe it is still here😀

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    • By skelf
      Recurve 5.

      Full details can be found here:
    • By bobpalt
      SOLD, many thanks to the buyer.
      This is serial number 0073 and can be seen in better detail on Alans web site where there are much better photos than my poor efforts!
      Alan built this for me a while back when I was regularly gigging, and having had a few learning difficulties with the filter pre amps in previous ACG basses he arranged for John to build a custom J-Retro which suited me fine. The pickups are custom wound Bart Classics and the teal  body staining was chosen by me after considering several different options and looks really superb with the gloss finish. The top is flame sycamore with a swamp ash body core and back. The headless neck is 5 piece flame maple with black veneer contrast lines and a heartwood birdseye maple fingerboard. The radius is 16, nut width 40mm  and black hardware and an ABM bridge with standard 18mm spacing is used. Locking strap buttons are included, as is Alans dinky little tool kit and a fitted Hiscox case.
      Installed whilst the bass was being constructed are red Sims leds on the edge of the fingerboard, for practical purposes on dark stages rather than front mounted for effect! The preamp is 18v and a low battery warning light is fitted. Now heres the interesting bit. The bass is still as brand new, despite being a few years old! I never gigged with it or took it to practices but every so often I would take it out of its case and admire it as a superb work of art, play a few riffs then put it back in its case under the bed. The last few years I have only gigged in a pub duo using short scale basses so don't ever envisage it being used in anger so thought that now was the time to let it go to someone who would appreciate it. The tone is everything I have ever wanted from a bass, its lovely to play and mint, what more can I say?

    • By eude
      Well, it's that time again, another ACG build for lucky old me!
      As most of you know, I now own a few ACGs, but none of them scratch that Jazz Bass itch, so this is the one to do that.
      It's going to be one of Alan's RetroBs, his nod towards a more traditional styled instrument and quite a departure from his usual stuff.
      Anyway, here's the nuts and bolts...
      Number of Strings: 5
      Scale: 31.5”
      Body: Ash
      Top: Quilted Maple with black veneer
      Neck: 3 piece Maple/Wenge/Maple
      Fingerboard: Cocobolo with AI Maple blocks with 0º Radius
      Pre-amp: John East Uni-Pre 4K
      Pickups: ACG B Series (probably overwound single coils)
      Hipshot Type B bridge with 18 mm spacing
      Gotoh GB720 tuners
      Hardware Colour: Black
      That's it, bar a couple of pics...

    • By Brother Jones
      I got an excellent deal on this about six months ago, but a huge series of bills forces me to let it go. It's this one:
      The chrome Hipshot/Gotoh hardware has been changed to black by a previous owner (which is visually better to my eye), but other than that it's unamended and in extremely good condition - some light scuffing but nothing more. 
      I get a 3.7kg weight on my bathroom scales, so also nice and light. The action is low and could probably go lower. I've owned Sadowsky and Lull Jazz 5s, and I prefer this. 
      I paid £900, and that's exactly what I'm looking to get back.
      Ungigged, never left my flat in fact. Will be supplied with a stout and heavily padded Fusion gig bag (which is an option on new ACGs IIRC). 
      Collection preferable, meet up in London possible, although happy to courier at the buyer's arrangement and expense. 
      Please note that this is an excellent price for an ACG, and I will not be accepting offers or trades. Looking for a pretty prompt sale if possible. 
      I will get photos up ASAP.
    • By Grantd
      Short scale with Dirty Ash finish.
      Body Wood: Swamp Ash Body Finish: Dirty Ash Satin Lacquer Neck Wood: 3 piece Maple Fingerboard: Wenge Scale: 30.5″ Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer Pickups: Bridge ACG SB single coil, Neck ACG PB split coil Hardware: ETS tuning unit and bridge, ACG Custom Headpiece (and a spare), Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks, LaBella Nylon wound strings Pre-amp: ACG Passive Plus  

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