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Keys for beginner.

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My other half is interested in starting to play keys. She has no previous experience of playing keys or, indeed, any musical instrument. I'd like to buy her a good starter keyboard, but I know nothing of such things. Needs to be lightweight, portable, access to on-line lessons, good piano tone, not over-laden with voices, knobs and switches. Budget = £100. Casio CTK 1500?? Seems to get good user reviews as a beginner's instrument. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7929799?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:598623051|agid:28645154725|tid:aud-484139255981:pla-397574480560|crid:96089428405|nw:g|rnd:11997902212473576774|dvc:c|adp:1o2|mt:|loc:1006740&gclid=CjwKCAiA0ajgBRA4EiwA9gFOR_dDPWzDFQ1vVQRrXekyGqNQNO9_mMcZyYOsXp_hj8Rg3exA_9BAdhoCtq8QAvD_BwE

All suggestions gratefully received. Thank you.

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One of the common problems with budget keyboards is that the keys aren't pressure sensitive, which means that you can't control the dynamics by playing hard or soft. From what I can see of the Casio you've linked above, it suffers from this shortcoming.

I've got a Yamaha PSR-E363 which is a bit above your budget but I can heartily endorse it as good value for money.


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If you're starting out (and an adult - ie not too small hands) I'd strongly recommend starting with a proper weighted, full size keyboard and economising in other areas. 

£100 isn't a lot for new, but could probably pick something up secondhand. 

If you can deal with the logistical issues, an actual piano - as in, acoustic - would make sense, there are always some going cheap/free on eBay, gumtree, freecycle etc since they are sizeable and people's circumstances change, etc. Obviously it would be collection only but I guess a "man with a van" or hiring a taillift would be options.

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