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1971 Fender Precision Sunburst SOLD


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On 9 October 2018 at 20:55, skankdelvar said:

Glad you've enjoyed the P - I last saw it in Chiswick, West London in 2014 going off with a young chap who played in a Motown band, IIRC. How it got to Hexham must be a story in itself.

Anyway, some background: The brass nut was already on the bass when I bought it in the mid '80's off a guy named Jonathan Durden. Someone had cut the original BWB pickguard down so it just covered the control cavity. The bass wore a white scratchplate for years until I bought an old tort plate off Howard The Bass Doc about 2012.

One of the pots went scratchy in the 90's so I had it replaced, probably at Andy's in Denmark St. Other than that the bass is exactly as I bought it around the time Back To The Future #1 came out. It's a great bass, lovely tone and so easy to play. Whoever gets it next will treasure it.

It was me who bought it off Walshy and I certainly will treasure it! I gigged it for the first time in Warrington last Saturday and it sounded awesome. I had all my fellow band members complimenting the sound and my predecessor, who had returned from Dubai for a week, was also drooling over it!

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