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  1. It was me who bought it off Walshy and I certainly will treasure it! I gigged it for the first time in Warrington last Saturday and it sounded awesome. I had all my fellow band members complimenting the sound and my predecessor, who had returned from Dubai for a week, was also drooling over it!
  2. Yes Tony Grimes who also runs Interfuture Entertainment, I think we may have had this conversation before!
  3. I know the Bowling Green but never played there. What's your band called? I'll look out for you and pop down if I'm not gigging myself. I'm in a Manchester / Stockport covers band called the (mighty) Reform.
  4. Bought a '71 Precision from Paul this week. Lovely guy, great communications and very friendly. The bass arrived well packaged on the day I requested in a lovely Fender case which was a nice bonus! More importantly the P bass looks and plays fabulous. Top, top bloke to deal with, I'd definitely recommend him for buying or selling any bass gear. Cheers - Iain
  5. The OP said "within about 20 mins" not 20 miles!
  6. I was about to say you can check if a what's app message has been delivered and they've read it. If he's replied by text maybe he hasn't read your message and has just been contacted by the other guy.
  7. That was filmed in a Liverpool club called The State where I spent far too much time in my youth.
  8. I wonder about some of the pubs we play. They do no or very little promotion, put bands on at the same time as big football (soccer) or boxing matches which they show on big screen TVs. I've no idea how they make enough money to pay us unless they get an allowance from the brewery or pub company which they have to spend. I used to play bass backing a local singer songwriter on the Manchester music scene called John Reynolds. One evening we played a pub in Cheadle called the Queen's Arms. There were seven people in including two bar staff and a few lads playing pool. Two fellas moved their chairs and sat right in front of us which was disconcerting but at least they were into the music. Apart from when they both went outside for a cigarette every four or five songs... I drove past the pub the other day. It's closed down and apparently it's going to make way for another block of apartments.
  9. I went to see Ian McCulloch do an acoustic gig in Manchester a few years ago backed by Ian Broudie. A few people kept chatting loudly over the songs including some pillock who never shut up. During one song McCullough stopped and asked him to shut up, restarted then stopped again and McCulloch threatened to kick his teeth in if he did it again!
  10. The correct pronunciation of harass Just found this which backs up my story! Lots of words are mispronounced and of course languages constantly evolve otherwise we'd still say thee and thy but in the 1970s people laughed hysterically at Frank Spencer for saying "hurassed"!
  11. I think the funniest wrong pronunciation is the word "harassed" which Michael Crawford deliberately mispronounced as "h'rassed" for laughs (with the emphasis on the second syllable) when he played Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em... "Ooh Betty, I've been h'rassed..."! Now everybody thinks that's right and only pedants like me still say it the traditional way (with the emphasis on the first syllable so it rhymes with embarrassed). I've even just checked with Alexa and because she's American she says "h'rassed" too!!
  12. Similar to when Pat Smear rejoined the Foofighters I guess.
  13. I know Brian "Nasher" Nash the guitarist from FGTH and I don't think he'd agree with you there! They were all accomplished gigging musicians on the Liverpool circuit (even Billy "Holly" Johnson was the bass player in 'Big in Japan') although I think Trevor Horn played a lot of the instruments on their biggest hits.
  14. Ampeg have their Portaflex series heads which can be mounted on the removable cab lids and flipped over when gigging or stored inside the cab when not. I have a PF-50T tube amp mounted on my PF-115HE cab but I can unscrew it and attach a PF-500 of PF-800 head using the same pre-drilled mountings or a smaller PF-350 (which I also have) using pre-drilled inner mountings.
  15. Indeed and likewise I think Keef Richards played bass on a lot of Rollin' Stones records.
  16. Clearly the good folk of Cheshire and Norfolk both have issues with "mond" in the middle of a village!
  17. I'm tempted to state the blinking obvious and say Ringo Starr or Bill Wyman but didn't Madness have some bloke in a pork pie hat who used to just dance and shout the odd line like "one step beyond"?
  18. Similarly the village of Cholmondeley in Cheshire is pronounced "Chumley" and Barnoldswick on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border is known locally as "Barlick"!
  19. Same thing happened to me at a great pub in Cheadle Hulme called the John Millington which in local parochial colloquial terms is known as the John Milfington. One such lovely lady, a wee bit worse for wear on wine, shortly into our second set stumbled into the PA speaker which toppled over and narrowly missed me thankfully but landed on my bass guitar stand thus rendering it a bass guitar not-stand. Two songs earlier my rare Fender PB-551 had been on the said stand which would have been a disaster!
  20. There's a Superfly 500 currently on eBay finishing in about 9 hours time (Sunday 11.52am BST) and the bidding is only £84 so far!
  21. I've got the new Rumble Stage 800 which is the exact same dimensions but with even more heft and a few extra bells and whistles. It's a similar size to my Barefaced Big Baby 2 which sits nicely under it should I need even more grunt!
  22. There was Rushworths (Brian Epstein's family's shop) and Curly Music in town and there was a small music shop in Garston where I bought my first bass as a 13 year old kid! Since I've been on missionary work in Manchester I've found the fellas at PMT to be really helpful and there's a lovely bloke who runs Marvel in Timperley but his stock is your typical small shop low-end learner instruments.
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