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Bassist relocating to Torquay looking for bands/ensembles


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I’ve just moved to the area from Yorkshire and I’m looking to get into a band/ensemble. 

Over 20 years experience and all own professional gear and transport. 

I can sing backing and play 4/5 string and double bass. Played in semi pro function bands before, gigging every weekend and performing a range of genres from pop/soul to Mod and ska. 

Pretty open minded about what I play so get in touch if you’re looking for a bassist. J.

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Hi. I live in Torquay. There are a few BC's here. The music scene is reasonably healthy here, especially if you are prepared to gig outside the Bay too.

There is no music shop of any real merit. I suppose you can find ads on JMB or Lemonrock. 

I hope you settle in and get gigging soon. 

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Jay is the man and I can't recommend him enough. I've played with him up here in Yorkshire, and apart from an inexplicable enjoyment of being up to his derrière in mud, diesel, and firewood he's a great guy and a great player.

I've played some fantastic music with him, had a lot of good times, and he's been directly responsible for the trajectory of my musical career on more than one occasion over the last ten years. We're all sad to lose him to the South, but you guys need him more than us!

Best of luck in the brave new world, big guy. x

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15 hours ago, Jaykingfunk said:

Wow cheers mate! Super kind words! I think there’s some smoke making my eyes water! 

No smoke needed mate, if you hadn't put us onto Keith I would never have starting picking up sessions and there's no way I'd have done half of what I'm doing now. If we're ever down in the area I'll give you shout.

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On 27/10/2018 at 14:03, Psymoon said:


How is your search going? 

I’ve recently moved to Exeter from West Yorkshire (so not far from you) and was looking for some folks to play with too.  


I’m bass but also rhythm guitar too 😄

Hi mate,

going well thanks, got a few things on the go! What sort of stuff do you like playing? 

How are you finding life down here??

cheers, J.

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I’ll play owt really but I’m a jazzer at heart. My last band was a sort of nu-noise rock band but a little injection of jazziness really worked. Before that I did some bass for a sort of concept album. 

I’m quite getting in to life down here! Summer was amazing. Much more enjoyable than Bradford :P

how about you. 


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