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  1. Hello! I have recently moved to Exeter and I am hoping to find some people to play/jam with. I have been playing guitar for many many years and my longest stint in a band was with an 18 piece jazz (jazz/funk) big band. Which was great fun but I have played everything from jazz to country and rock and everything in between. I’ve even been going back to classical recently! I’d love to find some like minded people to play with who might be interested in noise rock, post punk and interesting rhythmic exercises. Any thoughts, please drop me a line.
  2. Hello folks! I have very recently moved to the south west and the Exeter specifically and I am looking to find some people to play/jam with. I came to the bass after years of playing jazz guitarand in various rock/noise bands. So I have quite a melodious style but hints of drone and rhythm. Sometimes I play things because they rhythm seems to suit a song and then grown and adapt from that. Anyway, any thoughts, please get in touch.
  3. I’ll play owt really but I’m a jazzer at heart. My last band was a sort of nu-noise rock band but a little injection of jazziness really worked. Before that I did some bass for a sort of concept album. I’m quite getting in to life down here! Summer was amazing. Much more enjoyable than Bradford how about you. S.
  4. Hiya! How is your search going? I’ve recently moved to Exeter from West Yorkshire (so not far from you) and was looking for some folks to play with too. I’m bass but also rhythm guitar too 😄
  5. Forgot to say! Location is Exeter but I’ll drive to meet people...say, 50 miles?
  6. Offered for sale, a beautiful, handmade double bass. It is a standard 3/4 size instrument made by the German company Paesold. It is one of their “student” instruments but is still made with the quality and expertise you would expect from a quality German instrument maker. Unfortunately it just does not get enough love in our house as I normally play the electric bass in bands or my guitar! It is a laminated tone wood instrument so you’ll get a great sound but also durability and consistency from the instrument. It has excellent quality orchestral strings...I’m afraid I don’t know what type specifically as they have been on the instrument since I bought it. Included with the bass are a french style bow and a soft case. It is about 22 years old and has seen a few gigs so there are a few knocks and scrapes as you might expect, shown in the pictures, but it has been maintained by a luthier so the sound and playability have not been compromised. I believe it is worth in the region of £1200 (now only £900!!) but obviously that is open to negotiation. If you would like to come and have a look please do ask and if you have any questions please get in touch! More pictures and information can be provided if you wish also. I’m in Exeter but I will travel to exchange if needed
  7. Psymoon


    🖐️ hi!
  8. Psymoon

    Open G string buzz

    I know it’s been a while and I hope you’ve fixed it but mine does this occasionally too. It’s the machine head not being quite, er...tensioned up right if that makes sense? In between cog teeth?
  9. Psymoon

    Playing without an amp

    In my experience the double bass projects very well and your audience can hear it in the mix a bit better than you can next to your band mates. You can really feel it too
  10. Psymoon

    Pickup / controls replacement

    Thanks for this thread folks. Just the sort of thing I’m looking at for my Peavey...need to explore more pickups I think though just out of interest.
  11. Psymoon

    Hi! Newbie here

    Ha! Thanks.
  12. Psymoon

    Hello from France

    Hallo! Wie Gehts? What amp do you have there Severus?
  13. Psymoon

    Hi! Newbie here

    Hello folks! I've just decided to join up after my uncle-in-law (if that makes sense) mentioned the forums. I'm a bit of a newbie as this is my first post but I have stumbled on various forum posts in the past when looking for tips and advice. Gear wise I'm a bit of a hermit. I have a very...ahem, interesting Peavey Milestone III. Which is delightful and very resonant but could certainly do with a rewiring I think. I also have a double bass, which is my true baby but it certainly does not get enough love. It is a Paesold 590P, its big and German and beautiful. Laminated tone woods and really hefty strings. I've slapped it and bowed it and plucked it and it always sounds lush but that might just be because it is a double bass. I don't own any bass amps as yet because I have never had the financial position to get own and happened to be in bands with folks who I can borrow them from. I love playing the bass in bands and probably favour it over my other instruments (which are also delightful but I feel I ought not to mention them here). Anyway, that's me. I look forward to getting to know the community more. P.S. The podcast was quite an interesting listen this morning :D