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GONE: Acorn Archimedes A410/1 (Upgraded to A440 spec)

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Posted (edited)

As advertised, consisting of base unit, keyboard and mouse. Original CRT monitor has long since bitten the dust. Owned by me since new (mid-late '80s). Can't remember what's on it but there will be some games of the period, plus Impression and Pipedream and possibly some other stuff as well. I have all the original manuals for the machine. I also have original disks and user manuals for most of the software. It worked ok the last time I fired it up a few years ago.

As indicated, this unit was upgraded to A440 spec and fitted with a W.E. 30mHz processor replacing the original 20mHz jobbie. I'm told there's a bit of a market for this type of kit but it's moved house with us several times and I haven't found that market yet. Hopefully someone around here knows more about it than I do...


We're moving house soon so I don't have the time to do any P&P. Collection/handover only please. I live in the Solihull area not far from the A34 Stratford Road but can travel within reason.

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Hi Tony. We're about 15 miles round the M42 from the M5 junction. We go that way from time to time so know the road well. We could go south towards Worcester or north towards Halesowen. Alternatively there's Hopwood services a few miles up the M42. In our Fiesta a fiver would cover fuel pretty well (maybe a tenner for the Worcester area). We have a busy few days ahead but I can be around on Thursday or next Monday. Early Friday or late Sunday are also possible at a pinch.

Since posting I've dug up a bunch of other books and software on 3.5" floppies. You're welcome to everything I can find.

Let me know. Once we move I've promised my wife it will go one way or another. I would love it to go to someone who knows about it, but after carting it around from place to place for around 20 years I will reluctantly take it to the local recycling centre if needs must.


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Hi Andy , 

hopwood services would be  great and I don't mind paying a tenner . 

The only problem I'm travelling from Manchester down to Devon on Friday eve. 

Would that be possible ? 

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Posted (edited)

We're heading over to North Wales on Friday evening and back probably Sunday afternoon. I imagine you'll be going M6/M5. I'll have a look at our travel itinerary to see if there isn't somewhere we can meet up. Message me with some approximate timings and I'll see what I can do.

ETA It would need to be an exchange on the outward journey as I'm doing a track day on Saturday.

Failing that I should be able to talk Mrs. LBM into letting me hold on to it until we arrange an exchange.

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Yay! Glad to see an Acorn preserved.

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      I am selling this for the family of a friend who has recently passed away. I have got  permission from the Admin (ped) to place this ad.
      1987 Mk1Custom
      Brazilian Mahogany core
      Canadian 'Birdseye' Maple faces
      Indian Rosewood F/Board
      Full Flightcase
      Slight crack to front facing (cosmetic only)
      This bass was made by Ian Waller for a friend who has recently passed away and has had one owner from new.
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      I’m also chuffed with the cost. As I already had the paint, the amber tint and the waterslide decal paper, and as it wasn’t necessary to upgrade the pickups, tuners or bridge, all it took to get this where I wanted it was a little time and effort. Well worth it - and I’m now a happy bunny. Well... until P-Bass GAS comes around again of course, but as usual I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Note - the tort guard looks red on black; and much darker on white. Juxtaposition! It's the same guard. Anyway in conclusion, it's obviously possible to pick up a bass for little money that's already a decent, solid player and have it become your main squeeze with a bit of cosmetic work. Result. These are the ‘after’ pics:

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      Hello everyone,
      Due to downsizing, up for sale are my DB112 and DB112NT cabs.  The cabs are both 8 Ohms and rated at 300w RMS.  They are in really great condition, with few signs of use.  I look after all of my gear and I have been using them with a Tonehammer 500.  Their sound, together or separately, is warm, punchy and focused.
      Included are the covers, which I purchased from Hot Covers in the UK.  You can see from the pictures that these have more signs of use, but they have done their job and kept the cabs looking good.
      This is a private sale, so I can't accept returns or offer any guarantee.  I can however say that they are in full working condition and should serve the next owner well for years to come.
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      I realise I can manage with just my Fender PJ and Jazz, so I've decided to move this on.  Not really looking for any particular trades but please do ask -  the worst I can do is say no.
      This has been upgraded with custom graphite nut to improve the action.  NOTE: Price is for the bass with original pickups; I can include the EMG GZR set for an extra £85 (RRP £127)
      I've sanded and polished the headstock as I wanted it plain for a tribute band project. 
      It's 4kg, with a 42mm nut. It has fluted tuners, which I know are preferred by some.
      Lots of chat here from those in the know about how well these compare with their more expensive counterparts, so I won't harp on.  Suffice to say this plays well beyond its price and the EMG pickups - should you want to include them - take it up a notch.
      It's in good condition with just a few very small nicks on it, no buckle rash and the frets are looking good.

      Tryouts in Bristol are most welcome.
      Postage at buyer's expense; I have decent packaging and will include a simple Fender non-padded bag.
      Grab a bargain!

    • By maximumbass21
      Up for sale is my '76 Jazz bass. Unbelievable instrument but it's just not getting the use it deserves and as much as I'd love to keep it, I recently purchased a CS Pino Precision bass.

      These basses speak for themselves... Weight is difficult to confirm with my bathroom scales but it's around the 4.8kg range. It's all original but is missing it's bridge and pickup covers. I have fitted Schaller strap locks to the bass but it does come with the original fittings. Also comes with original thumb rest and OHSC (case isn't in great shape) but I am also selling it with a newer Fender Deluxe hard case.

      MORE PICS HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9683ocfssld0cq9/AACCED4nfwpDd9HOh_CbfmBta?dl=0 
      Only trades I'd be looking to accept is one for a Fodera Imperial 5 string 34" scale with cash on top from me. Cheers 😉

      Price is firm at £2,000 

      Based in Gloucestershire and can ship with insured courier (at buyer's expense).