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Withdrawn! Warwick Infinity 5 REDUCED! Sale/trade

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Up for grabs is my Warwick Infinity 5. The bass is from 2000, and is in good condition. I'm not 100% sure that the active/passive switch work, but other than that the bass is a peach. Everything works in active mode, which is where I like to be. The original plastic just-a-nut has been replaced with a brass just-a-nut. MEC pickups and preamp. The internet is full of reviews, test and whatyoumightneed about this extraordinary bass, so I'm not gonna bore you with it. 

Comes in a gig bag flight case, and price include shipping with tracking to western Europe. Other than that, give me a holler and we'll figure it out. Will be packed up real good.

Bass is located in Norway.

2018-02-25 17.33.36.jpg

2018-02-25 17.33.51.jpg

2018-02-25 17.33.58.jpg

2018-02-25 17.34.08.jpg

2018-02-25 17.34.14.jpg

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Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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£1500 and she is yours. And she will never leave you. Unlike that other one...

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    • By alinbassplayer
      With a heavy heart i'm putting my 2001 Warwick SS1 5 string up for sale.
      When I got it 3 years ago it was in a dire situation in its original "finish", it was all scratched up and the previous owner just kept waxing without cleaning, so a lot of grime had built up, one of the original saddles was lost and had been replaced with a smaller one, and the jack plug only worked continuously in passive mode, active was interrupted.
      So i replaced the whole bridge, will provide the old one for parts, i think i still have the original knobs it came with but they were just a little more tarnished and had lost their shine.
      When i bought the bridge and measured everything I realized this is actually the broad neck version and not the normal one, i only had a rockbass to compare it to, and that's not a fair comparison.
      2 years ago i had it professionally refinished by one of the Crimson Guitars tutors. It is now in a lovely semi satin finish, and a nice red which i think actually enhances the flamed maple, we managed to cover and clean most of the scratches but some can still be seen.
      I have also installed recessed Dunlop straplocks but i can provide the original ones should anyone endeavour to install them back, i am not very skilled in woodwork and didn't want to screw it up.(get it?!)
      The preamp and pickups are original, preamp is 3 band active/passive and honestly the tone out of it is unbelievable.
      The neck is beautiful, a little on the thicc side, but feels very comfortable and compliments the looks and sound of the bass.
      Only selling as the addition of a new bass will basically mean this will not be used at all anymore.
      Original specs as per warwick serial no.
      G 085969-01 
      2001 Streamer Stage 1
      5 string
      Flamed maple AA body
      Flamed maple neck
      Natural oil finish(not any more)
      Gold hardware
      And i think the fretboard is Wenge but it's not mentioned on the specs.
      It has been my main war horse for the past 2 years so it has a few newer scars, all can be seen in the photos. I keep my action pretty high as i play in A tuning. It could do with a clean and maybe a setup. Strings are fairly recent D'Daddario nickels 135 and lower.
      Any questions let me know, not interested in trades, unless it's a 5 string fanned fret/headless/both. 
      Offers welcome as price is not fixed.
      I prefer collection only from Lewisham, London or around the South East London area.
      Will come with a Hiscox lifelite HSC.

    • By warwickhunt
      Warwick Streamer LX bolt-on - 1997
      That time of the decade for me to have a clear out.
      Solid 2 piece centre jointed Maple body with wenge neck and wenge fingerboard.  Body is in fair condition for 23 years old; a few scrapes, light rash and dings but nothing structural at all, all cosmetic.  Not a baseball bat neck, in fact quite slim with a headstock volute for strength.  Hardware has minimal tarnishing from 23 years of use.  Just over 9lb 2oz in weight.
      MEC pups and pre, all original inc brass JAN I nut (none of those silly plastic jobbies here).  No neck break, no truss rod faults, no electrical issues. 
      Comes with a Warwick gigbag 
      Extras - can swap gigbag to a Generic hard case for £20 extra or a Hiscox case for £40.  

    • By dapiccol
      I'm selling this beautiful Warwick Streamer LX made in Germany.
      It sounds amazing and has a great Low B, but i do not play much at the moment and i would rather sell it to someone who can give it what it deserves
      The bass is in very good condition, it only has a few marks on the lower part of the body, as shown in the pics.
      Ovangkol Neck
      Wenge Fingerboard
      Gold Hardware
      Flamed Maple top
      Active 2 Ways electronics
      Truss rod cover is missing
      I accept payment with bank transfer or Paypal (+4% on final price)
      I can ship In Italy for 27€, in all Europe for 55£,  and to the USA for 165£
      I might be interested in trades with Warwick Corvette $$ 5 Strings, Warwick Thumb, Fender Jazz USA (or Marcus Miller signature Japan), Fender Precision USA, Music Man Stingray... anyways feel free to make me some other offers
      (in case of long distance trades i will ship my bass as soon as i receive yours  )
      For any other info feel free to contact me

    • By 72deluxe
      I am selling my Warwick Dolpin Pro II as I am just not using this, plus my wife has been made redundant.
      This historic bass deserves someone else to play it as it's great! There's very few of these around, from what I can tell. Very few in the UK anyway.
      The story behind these basses is that they were made by Warwick in Germany when Warwick was still small (before 2000). Warwick was too small to make them in great quantities so subcontracted to another company, which made items with bad necks and was selling these "out the back door" and thereby giving Warwick a bad name. So they eventually shut them down and moved production to Japan. This is one of the few that actually came from Germany, from what I can tell - 300 originally made I think?
      Unlike post-2000 Warwicks, this has a fairly thin neck. It has Just-A-Nut I on it (brass) where each string has an adjustable saddle to sit in on the nut. This is from 1990 so a super early one. Someone has done a bit of mix-and-match with the colour of the knobs (gold/black), tuners and bridge but I think it looks alright.
      Although the labelling has worn off the pickups, this has MEC pickups in it and a two-band EQ. Unlike some others, this DOES NOT have a passive toggle on the volume control so is active only all the time (9v battery at the back).
      This looks to have been bashed around before I owned it (perhaps it fell off a stand due to its awkward shape) so has spots of damage on the edge and a ding on the body that someone has filled. I've tried to photograph these as best I can, but it is nearly 30 years old, remember.
      Pictures and a demo video are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BNQtEDbgzp42jifoiISAjXjr3M3pUwrp
      Any questions please ask. I am just outside Worcester, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as I have no case for it (didn't go outside the house) and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes.
      If you feel this is priced too high, please make an offer.
      Cash or Bank Transfer please, ideally bank transfer when we meet.
      POLITE NOTICE: I've had timewasters on other sites like Gumtree and those that think this bass should be 20p or free due to it not being a Streamer / Fodera / a thru-neck / not made of titanium / more than they want to pay. I've had quite a few daft requests and people believing I should be giving this away because it doesn't quite fit with their hazy dream of an ideal bass, eg. it's not a thru-neck... I've had people not show up when they said they'd buy it and all sorts of clowns and jokers. Let's leave them at the circus!
    • By warwickhunt
      I 'really' didn't think I'd ever part with this or be without a Thunderfunk (used them for almost 10 years) but I now use one of those new fangled full valve amps from Poland, so this needs to go to a new home.  Comes complete with a shallow Boschma flightcase; please note that this has a slide out perspex cover which I've modified to fir over the DI output pot and as such I've removed the rubber knob.  If you want to you could cut a wider slot in the perspex to accommodate the knob being fitted... I haven't bothered.    This is not a heavy amp for what it is and does, easy one handed lift.  Don't need any amps or cabs but vintage Warwick are always tempting!
      Thunderfunk Bass Amps are the direct descendants of the amp that Jaco Pastorius loved, the legendary AMP BH-420, improved, and handmade in the U.S.A. by Dave Funk.  Quieter than other amps, with TWO great sounding DI's, it's perfect for Studio or TV use.
      The Thunderfunk's tone is achieved by using high quality film caps in the preamp's signal chain... just like a high quality mixing board. Twenty-five times more expensive than electrolytics used in other amps, film cap's tighter tolerances maintain phase coherence through the amp, producing a focused punch unlike any other amp. Add two to three times the filter caps of other amps, you get a round, focused bottom that doesn't roll around the stage but instead projects into the room.
      Dynamic range is a function of power, transient response, and quiet. Thunderfunk purposely doesn't use toroid transformers as they've found they don't sound as good as the old-fashioned "EI" iron. And to reduce hum, they add a "hum-bucking" wire across the transformer to inject hum into the preamp's ground cancelling the radiated hum achieving an amp quieter than an equivalent toroid powered amp. With their unique "SS/Tube Switch" you'll be able to choose from a super clean solid-state tone for slap and double bass playing, to a gutty, warm, tube-tone for all the rest.
      750-watts RMS into 4 Ohms
      "The Switch" with indicator LEDs
      New Mute Switch with indicator LED
      Aural Enhancer
      4-Band Parametric Equalizer
      Timbre Control
      Headphone Jack/Line Out
      Line In
      New Pre-EQ Balanced DI Output
      Post-EQ Balanced Output w/Level Control
      Ground Lift Switch for both XLR's Out
      40,800uF Supply Filter for Deep Response and Increased Mids Clarity
      AC Signal Coupled to Reduce Input Pops
      Pre-EQ Effects Loop
      Post-EQ Effects Loop
      Jacks by Switchcraft and ADC (of Minnesota)
      2-1/4 in. speaker outputs
      2-Speakon outputs +1/-1
      Aluminum Chassis
      Weighs only 17 pounds
      Time Delayed Turn On
      Quiet AC Power Switching
      100/120/220/240v operation
      Quiet and reliable
      Auto-Fan with Backlite!

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