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  1. Hi there, my fellow low-enders! Sad to see this go, but I need to update my PA system. She's almost mint. No fret wear, and only one small ding. Neck is straight as possible. Plays like butter and sounds even better! Handmade in Japan, with 2 piece ash body, 34" maple neck and ebony fingerboard with 24 frets. Hipshot bridge and "head" system. Uses regular strings and double ball. Bacchus pickups and Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Controls are Master Vol(Pull up=Preamp ON/OFF),Balance, Master Tone (passive),Treble, Middle, Bass, Mid Freq SW, Series/Parallel SW It's the same bass as this one: https://reverb.com/item/21796598-bacchus-woodline-headless-5-2018-spring-collection-limited Price include shipping to Europe, in original bag and well packed. Can be delivered in London the 18.-19. of January
  2. Traded basses with Theo and it was smooth as silk. Will do it again any day. Recommended!
  3. REDUCED!! £1000 takes this puppy home! I'm not able to make friends with the mighty 6, so I'm offering her to someone who might tame her. US made, and close to mint condition. The truss rod cover is missing, and that is the only fault I can find. The previous owner swapped the bridge for a Hipshot unit for some reason. Nothing wrong with the original, that you'll get as well. Will even send with it a new set of strings. Shipping to western Europe included.
  4. Been getting some PM's about the damage. The crack was very small and vas fixed by a pro with a few drops of glue. Check out his work here: https://bit.ly/2RJlS1m Will accept returns if buyer is not satisfied. Also taking offers.
  5. Hi Have decided to sell my beloved Pedulla. The bass comes with original case and all the candy that belongs there. Specs are: - Neck thru, 34" scale -24 frets - 19mm spacing - 5 piece maple neck w/ bubinga stringers - Ebony board w/ some sapwood figuring - Cocobolo top wood - Soft Maple body wings - Bartolini/Pedulla Pickups - Bartolini/Pedulla 9V Preamp w/Thunderguts mid switch. - Dunlop recessed flush mount straplocks - Gold Hardware The reason for the low price is that the bass received a knock on the back of the neck. I didn't noticed it until I changed strings. I took it to a pro builder/repair guy, and he fixed it. It is as good as new, and more stable than a very stable genius. I have tried to take a picture of it, but it's hard to spot. Shipping to Europe included.
  6. Well, what can I say? I doesn't see much action here. I know that I most likely is going to regret selling this. Especially in a few years, when I see what the sell for then...
  7. £1500 and she is yours. And she will never leave you. Unlike that other one...
  8. Hi Up for grabs is my beloved Tobias Classic 5. Made in California by Michael Tobias and his team. The bass is in good condition, with some marks in the clear coat. Besides that it's a joy to play and hear. Comes in original hardcase. Includes shipping to Europe. Plastic knobs has been replaced with wooden knobs.
  9. Cash is king. But my wife says that I'm easily fooled, so try me :-)
  10. Hi Up for grabs is my Warwick Infinity 5. The bass is from 2000, and is in good condition. I'm not 100% sure that the active/passive switch work, but other than that the bass is a peach. Everything works in active mode, which is where I like to be. The original plastic just-a-nut has been replaced with a brass just-a-nut. MEC pickups and preamp. The internet is full of reviews, test and whatyoumightneed about this extraordinary bass, so I'm not gonna bore you with it. Comes in a gig bag flight case, and price include shipping with tracking to western Europe. Other than that, give me a holler and we'll figure it out. Will be packed up real good. Bass is located in Norway.
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