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  1. Price drop 2200. I am happy to set up a video call where I can show the bass in close up detail and play it / demo it. To any prospective buyers. Stay safe everyone.
  2. I am selling this gorgeous King Bass Mk2 5 string. Quilted maple top. Graphite neck. The B string really cuts through. Recently setup with new Elites double ball strings. Walnut body. It is gorgeous and I will regret this. But something else has come up that I have GAS for. Hiscox case. Like new. And sounds amazing. This is the model with the single coil pickups and big bass sound. Collection or I deliver for free if it is ~ 1 hour Aylesbury. Very rare that these come up for sale. Sold as seen
  3. Those controls are not correct. You have a standard status control. Not the parametric. You don’t have all these additional knobs and switches. Thanks goodness. The paramatrix is far too complicated.
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