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  1. Yup. They looked very nice there at Warwick Castle. I’m not in the armour
  2. There’s two in the pics. A 5 string king bass status and a 4 string Enfield Antoinette. I’ve got the first one after the prototype. I like red basses The status I sold a while back.
  3. This is the chance to buy something special. A Nathan East signature bass that has been upgraded to include front and side LEDs, official Yamaha chrome hardware and stunning custom red paint. All of the work has been undertaken by Martin Sims so is of very high quality. Genuine BBNE2 body, pickup and electronics. brand new these cost £3500+ and the customisation has cost me £1000. The bass is like new with no dents, no scratches, no dings. Check out the pictures. Nathan East has appeared on countless albums and has toured with some of the biggest names in modern music. Whether he's playing blues with Eric Clapton, pop with Phil Collins, or contemporary jazz with Fourplay, Nathan relies on his BBNE2 signature 5-string bass to deliver the tone he needs. Neck Through Construction Maple / Mahogany 5-Ply Neck Ebony Fingerboard Alnico V Hum-canceling Pickups Custom 3-Band Active EQ Mid Cut Frequency Contorol Mid Cut On/Off Switch Made in Japan This is a unqiue one off version of this bass in mint condition. I sent it a photo of it to Nathan and he replied that it looked cool. 6484C255-2A80-4882-9E26-E6C05009A556.MOV
  4. Price drop 2200. I am happy to set up a video call where I can show the bass in close up detail and play it / demo it. To any prospective buyers. Stay safe everyone.
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