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Various Pedals for sale: Bass Micro Synth, Bass Balls, DoD, Boss

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Clearing some pedals out!

Located in Hordle Hampshire,

For sale only no trades. All pedals as seen only the Mirco Synth has its box and PSU. Happy to post including below price apart from the Micro Synth which will be and extra £3-5 depending on location etc Any Questions please ask.......

EH Bass Micro Synth £160

Boss CS-3 Compressor £40

EH Bass Balls £30

Marshall Echo Head with tap tempo £40

DOD FX 25  Vintage envelope filter £75


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If you set the Micro Synth to an upward sweep (start frequency low, stop frequency high) does it only sweep upwards and then hold at the stop frequency or does it sweep up and then back down again like an envelope-controlled filter?

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To be honest off the top of my head I can't remember. I will however have a play tomorrow unless anyone else can help?

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On 07/02/2018 at 23:41, bassleight said:

To be honest off the top of my head I can't remember. I will however have a play tomorrow unless anyone else can help?

Any update on this?

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    • By Bloc Riff Nut
      After about 3hrs of rehearsal it started to distort.  Really heavy distortion. 
      The amp was set to 8ohms and I was playing it through my new barefaced 210 which i thought I'd switched to 12 ohms but after further investigation it was in the 4 ohm setting. 
      What have I broken and is it beyond repair. 
      I'm devastated.  It was my favourite of all the amps I've ever played and I've been told(I have no idea myself) it's an original 1969.
      I'm grateful for any insight you guys can give. 
    • By GisserD
      A few pedals for sale...
      as always, discounts for multiple buys, pictures available on request. all prices are posted to your UK letterbox.
      Emma electronics Okto Nojs £120
      Purchaced recently but is now surplus to requirements
      Boxed with manuals, as new
      Source audio Programable EQ £60 SOLD
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      Keeley C2 - 2 knob compressor £70
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      TC electronic spectracomp £65
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      Electro harmonics Bass balls nano £40
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      Line 6 M5 Stomp box modeller £60
      Boxed with manuals, excellent condition
      Boss FT-2 Dynamic filter £60 SOLD
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      Moog MF Boost £50
      Good condition, had a mod allowing for unity gain, but the mod has been removed so there is a small hole in the side of the casing.
      Boxed with manuals
      Digitech Bad monkey £25
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      Boss CE-2w waza craft chorus £135
      Superb sounding chorus from Boss.
      Boxed with manuals, excellent condition
      Boss RV-6 Reverb £105
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      Boss DM-2w waza craft Delay £95
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      Barthlomiej (Bartek) Sarota  Zendriver £55
      This is kind of a hybrid overdrive pedal between a tube screamer and a Zendrive but all in all it is sounding very delicious hand made in Poland also good for the clean boost that's what I used for but as a drive it is medium gain and tasty pedal. This is a handbuilt Zendrive clone made by a pedal builder from Poland named Barthlomiej (Bartek) Sarota.  It's a great, crunchy, medium-gain pedal.  It's in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition.  
      Crowther hot cake £105
      The Crowther Hot Cake Overdrive incorporates elements like non-inverted phase polarity, internal bass accentuation switch for added low-end, and and easy to use three-knob interface consisting of controls for level drive, and presence. Designed to offer a wide range of sonic options, the Hot Cake serves uncolored clean boost with just the volume knob in play and commensurately scales gritty distortion as the drive knob is cranked
      Morley Volume wah mini £45
      Very usefull because of its small size, vits nicely on a pedalboard. Sounds excellent!
      Boxed with manuals
      Voodoo labs pedal power digital £95
      High current capacity pedal supply. No connection cables but these can be purchased easily online
      Boxed with manuals, as new
      Boss DD-6 Digital delay £25
      Sold for spares or repair. Purchaced new many yeard ago but plugged an 18v adaptor into it by mistake. Diddnt work since then. Im sure somebody could revive it but its beyond me.
      Excellent condition
      Boxed with manuals
      Spider pedal board case £30
      Easily fits 10 boss sized pedals
      Excellent condition
    • By Quilly
      3 pedals to go. Two are Harley Benton (Thomann own brand pedals) Delay and Tremolo, used for 1 - 2 'Art' gigs but practically new otherwise. Perfectly functional and sounding great.  The third pedal is a Lo-Fi reverb pedal, not as 'unused' as the others but still working perfectly with lots of options and setting. Apologies but the photo of the reverb pedal is a stock photo, I can take an actual photo of the item for sale, might have one or 2 scratches on it but identical otherwise.  Would prefer to shift the 3 together but can sell individually at £20ea. Prices exclude postage (£10 to UK), PayPal only please.

    • By sumorabbit
      Hi, After a Boss Ls-2 if anyone has a spare they want to offload.
      I'm based in Manchester
    • By Enrico
      Hi there,
      Letting go of some of my pedals, up for grabs is my Zoom MS-60B,
      Had this on my pedal board for a few years and has been gigged. There are two scratch marks on the front but still in perfect working order, comes with original box and manual.
      This is a very handy pedal with some really cool effects, I have even left some of my presets on there!
      Can post for a fiver or cash on collection in North London or City. No trades please,