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Fender Guitar Combo shell with Celestion speaker

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I have the shell and speaker from an old Fender Deluxe 90 DSP combo that I used to run pedals through (no amp guts, just the cabinet with the speaker mounted). I connected a jack socket onto the speaker wire to use as a rough and ready open backed cab but it's just taking up space. Missing a screw from the top handle, which is attached (contrary to pictures).

I'd rather it get used for someone's project or something rather than the tip, but it can't hang around for ever. Speaker was working last time I tried it.





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Would you consider posting this cabinet -- I am in Leeds so too far to collect!

I will obviously cover any costs+



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    • By Frank Blank
      Fender Aerodyne, mint condition, unplayed £800.
      Here are the circumstances. This bass was bought on 17th November 2017. It went straight from the Fender carton into a gig bag and on the 18th Nov. it was taken to Guitar Technical Services for a Pro Set Up. As GTS had a backlog the work was not finished until just prior to Xmas when I was unable to pick it up (full documentation of set up with pics). I picked it up today.
      The reason for the sale is that just a week after the purchase, on the 25th November to be precise, I had my short scale bass revelation and realised that short scale is the way to go, I haven't played any of my standard scale basses since. So yes, I am taking a hit on this one but such is the search for our ideal instruments!

    • By azumi
      For sale, 2012 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita “Boracho” Bass.  

      More inforrmation on the bass can be found at:


      I’m based in London. Collection preferred. Will consider shipping to EU countries only.
      Price: £2150  £2000 £1900

    • By Kevsy71
      For sale only: Fender Precision bass, 1964 original with refinish, £3500
      Location: Tonbridge, Kent
      Original neck, has been resprayed
      Recently refretted
      Original pickups
      Original pots
      Original pickguard, with additional (lovely!) Spitfire tort guard
      Original nut
      Original pickup cover, new non-original bridge cover
      Body refinished in Fiesta Red
      Non-original Hickox case with some scuffing but works fine.
      See below for full description


      Full hi-res Flickr album of 29 photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157691387686154/with/27739975739/
      Only recently acquired this from Chris of this parish, but try as I may I just can't get on with a 7.25 radius, possibly due to my inherent finger inflexibility! A real shame because it sounds superb and looks terrific: dark Brazilian rosewood board, clay dots, and either the original pickguard or the beautiful tort one Chris sourced (which is included in the sale). An excellent "players' pre-CBS", but I'm very happy with my 9.5 radius custom shop '64' so will move this on at the price I bought it for - it deserves to be played!
      Nut is 1.75"
      The original sales thread, and a photo with the included tort guard which I hope Chris doesn't mind me linking to, is here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/313595-fender-precision-1964/ .
      Since acquiring it I have not gigged it, and have changed the strings to a slightly higher gauge of D'Addario Chrome flats (50-105) to better match the 60s nut, and added a new bridge cover (the original holes were visible beneath the refin, and I measured carefully). I've done a basic setup using a 7.25 radius gauge, and set the Fender-recommended relief and pickup height settings for the period with a StewMac ruler. Truss rod moves freely in both directions.

      I'm based in Tonbridge, Kent, 20 mins from J5 M25, and you're very welcome to come try it out.
      My feedback is here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/235157-kevsy71/
    • By modular
      Hey everyone!
      I’m thinking about playing the bass again. Last time I’ve picked up a bass guitar was 10 years ago or so. I’ve played during high-school and most of my college years, but after graduation, first jobs, first kid... my bass guitar days were over.
      Over the last few years I haven’t heard anyone in the bass world that would really lift my spirits, until I’ve heard Thundercat (Stephen Bruner). Holy canoly, man! This guy - with my freakin’ age! - is the coolest bassist I’ve heard in a long, long time. Even his work as a sideman with Kendrick Lamar or Kamasi Washington is fantastic. So, here I am. Again.
      I don’t want to go into the GAS bandwagon all over again. I’ve had my fair share of bass guitars during my “heyday”, from Fender Jazz Basses (a MIM and an original 1976 USA), to a couple of Warwick Streamer Stage 1s and a couple of MusicMan Stingrays. Right now I don’t have any bass guitars or amps. I will need to buy everything from zero. Thing is, I want something different and unfortunately all music stores in my town are absolute crap. I will need some feedback regarding some stuff.
      I used to play 4 string basses but now I’m thinking about a 5 string. I’m not sure what type of music I want to play since all my chops are gone, yet I know I want a bass with a clean sound. I won’t be playing metal or heavy stuff for sure. But I’d say a bit of jazz to alternative to r&b. I also want a comfortable neck: the experience I had with a 5-string Warwick Streamer Stage 1 is that is was quite uncomfortable; also, my last bass - a Fender ’51 Precision Bass (reissue) - was the most uncomfortable neck ever. It just killed my hands and took away the joy I had to play the bass.

      I have absolutely zero knowledge about the following basses, so any feedback would be great. Oh, it is completely impossible for me to try any of them - terrible shops here. I will likely buy them through Thomann. What do you think of these 5-stringers? How would you compare them? Which would offer a better clean sound but at the same time most sonic possibilites?
      - Lakland 55-02
      - Lakland 55-01
      - Sandberg Classic
      - Sandberg Panther
      - Yamaha TRB1005
      - Ibanez SR (one of the higher end models?)
      - Ibanez Bass Workshop Series!?
      - Warwick Corvette (ash)

      I know there are a few brands like Sandberg or Sadowsky that create “better than original” Jazz and Precision basses, but I must say I’m not a big fan of that. I’d just prefer to go the Fender route.
      Besides those basses the Fender Precision Bass (USA) is still - and always - an option. Also, whats the deal with Warwick these days? The German ones are crazy expensive (almost reaching Fodera prices!) and now they got GPS and RB!? Their lineup is quite weird…
      Any other alternatives will be great! Unfortunately, I cannot buy a Fodera Monarch or Emperor, haha! I really dig basses with crazy wood textures on the surface.

      Regarding amps, this will only be played in my home studio. So, no gigging ideas for now and I’ll just probably use some kind of hardware DAW to create all my music (thinking about the MPC Live). In here I prefer smaller combos, but I’m afraid to over simplify. So what about these two options:
      Option 1
      - Markbass Micromark
      Option 2
      - Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 + SL112 cabinet (or something even smaller!)
      Sorry for the long, long text and some confusion.
      Thank you for your help!
      See you!
    • By udo
      I am trying to seriously cut down on the number of basses I have, hence I am putting this beautiful player up for sale.
      I bought it new in July 2017 from Dawsons, it has never been gigged and no dings or issues. Some superficial belt buckle traces at the back, I tried to capture them.
      Currently strung with TI flats, sounds heavenly and plays heavenly.
      I still have the original white pickguard and it comes with both, the black one and the white one.
      Not much else to say really, apart from that this is a beautifully crafted instrumented, the new line of Fender Pro basses is really superb.
      I am based in SE London but happy to travel a bit as well for a meet up.