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Price Drop German Double Bass c1900.

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Selling one of my basses, young family need space etc. 

Edit Price Drop to £3500 Updated Photos October 2018

Price drop to £3000. Go on, come take a look. 

German Double Bass from around 1900 ish. I suspect a little older, but have no other provenance than the guy I bought it off and it's general looks. 

It's all in good condition, i've given it quite an overhaul in the last few months.

Just fitted a new bridge and tail piece, and it currently has a prototype of my new end pin design. Some of you will be familiar with my wooden end pins and i've been experimenting with an idea for an adjustable one. Can always swap it out for a traditional end pin if you prefer. And I can do a half price wooden end pin with the sale of the bass. 

I'm also happy to fit your preferred set of strings and cut the bridge accordingly for your preference. It's currently got D'addario Zyex on it. 

I'm in Alton Hampshire I don't have a gig bag for it, but I can procure one should you need, costs can be discussed. 







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This looks very similar in style and history to mine so I can say it probably sounds similar, which is very good!

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15 minutes ago, benbastin said:

I’ve heard it’s lovely this time of year! :)

Autumn here in Perthshire is amazing. Bit breezy but amazing... if you come here, drop some dosh off the price and buy a spare student plywood off me, it’s a deal!

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