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  1. I’ve heard it’s lovely this time of year!
  2. Where are you based? I could do with a weekend away!
  3. Open to offers. Really need the space now!
  4. benbastin

    DPA 4009 Mic SOLD

    £280. Make me an offer
  5. benbastin

    Aguilar Octamizer SOLD

    make me an offer..
  6. benbastin

    Line 6 M5

    make me an offer..
  7. benbastin

    Dunlop Volume X

    make me an offer..
  8. benbastin

    Peli 1510 Case Sold

    make me an offer i need the space back.
  9. make me an offer. I need the space back.
  10. benbastin

    SKB I series Hardcase. SOLD

    Make me an offer. I need the space back.
  11. benbastin

    DPA 4009 Mic SOLD

    £280. Make me an offer
  12. benbastin

    Lighter feeling strings?

    Broadly speaking it's like tuning your current strings down a tone. Solo strings are engineered to give you a similar feeling string when tuned a tone above EADG. So to give you an idea if the feel is where you want to go try tuning down a tone (DGCF) and it will give you a ball park idea. Then come buy these strings off me
  13. DPA 4099 Mic SOLD including Double Bass, Cello and Guitar Mount Awesome mic, a lot has been said about it here. Nothing better in my opinion for reproducing the sound of your instrument live. Having a clear out and no longer need this one. Price includes postage within UK.