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G&L L1505 SOLD

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[color=#3C3241]Back up for sale as it is too nice to drag around as a back-up. It has had a recent set up.[/color]

[color=#3C3241]G&L arguably represented the pinnacle of Leo Fender's R&D. This is a great playing and sounding bass with plenty of thump. [/color]

[color=#3C3241]This is my back up bass and is in superb condition for it's age. It has a couple of indentations in the body-great for a late 90's bass. [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Note: The pervious owner made a reversible mod. : "I have fitted 5 machine screws into the through-body holes, secured with nuts and washers that sit flush in the ferrules on the rear. They are easily removed if you want to string through-body". [/color]

[color=#3C3241]The bass sports one monstrous MFD (magnetic field design) pickup with adjustable pole pieces, a volume control, and passive treble and bass controls. There are also 2 switches: one selects series or parallel coils in the pickup; the other brings in the active circuit, which effectively takes the sound of the bass from vintage to modern. Current draw for the circuit is incredibly low - my batteries go out of date rather than running flat! [/color]

[color=#3C3241]Any trial Welcome :) [/color]

Trades? A nice quality short scale?

[color=#3C3241]Thanks for looking.[/color]

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[quote name='w_joe' timestamp='1477929923' post='3165337']
What's the weight of the bass?
I don't have scales but the previous owner said [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]4.33kg[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] = 9lb8½oz[/font][/color]

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That would be a well spent 650. Super basses, I don't see why this has not been snapped up.

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As the aforementioned previous owner of this bass, I can vouch for its wondrousness and Pinball's standing as a gentleman.

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