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I want this sound

Funky Dunky

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Joe Dart has a sound? On the gigs I've seen him playing Fender basses and Markbass amps and in the studio a variety of basses and Ampeg amps.

It seems he doesn't stick to any gear.

edit: found it. . . .


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A lot of the recordings sound different so he doesn't have 'one sound'. But you can't say it's all in the fingers when a massive chunk of that tone in It Gets Funkier is down to flats, a Musicman pickup, and a bit of light dirt/compression/eq.

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There are loads of mids & suble overdrive on that sound. Has more to do with the amp/re amping than the bass used in that video.
I would start with a lightly driven "tube" model in your DAW and use some wide band mid eq and maybe two treble notch cuts in the right places.

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