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  1. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1506245365' post='3377238'] I had a fun jam with Paul the drummer, in an ideal world a tame guitarist and/or keys as well would be good for the jam room. [/quote] I had a small guitar rig but arrived after 12 and the jam room was empty till the end :/ Otherwise a great day and awesome chaps
  2. Was it a Jez? I spoke with who had his three builds with him; 4, 5 and a piccolo. Stunning basses
  3. Is it too late to add my name to the list? I can bring my pedalboard, a small guitar rig for the jam room & possibly my DGCFA# Ray35
  4. The Ibanez 3/4 is apparently the best built compared to the other scaled down guitars.
  5. Hi @sharkfinger Thanks for the reminder. I don't have a scale but would say medium weight for the SUB. Postage not included, both basses come with basic bags but can be packed for shipping. I live in SW London/Surrey. I'm active on the fretboard, see trading feedback http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/63885/winny-pooh And 100% positive feedback as Wintonead on ebay
  6. Hi I'm after a fretless 5 with Musicman/G&L spacing, pref MM/L2500 style, others considered but no J pickups/metal style/red or black basses pls. Budget up to £750 Bullet is only for sale if I manage to get a fretless 5 in to replace it first. The Bullet is an early 80's fretless conversion, fingerboard is smooth with no real wear, some minor finish dings and small chip off the body edge. Original pickup with added "activator" 2 band active eq (pulling vot pot changes it to passive), currently has Daddario flats Feels lovely, retro mojo. Trade value/price £240 http://i.imgur.com/1lQGgFN.jpg Full album: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8BehOFw9cheSERkUGVnMEtWb0k SUB is from around 2003, same spec as a Stingray classic. Price trade value £485 (sold on the thefretboard.co.uk) http://i.imgur.com/A9gMDHQ.jpg
  7. The J&D I had was perfect. Quite impressive although I assume basses will vary.
  8. The Grammys are a bit like the House of Lords nominating MPs for "best services to society".
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