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  1. Oo, ta! Found something on Thomann that might be it, a TAD stereo jack. But will contact you shortly. Cheers, Mike.
  2. Hello All, I was getting some crackling and cutting out on my '83 Overwater, swapped leads to confirm a jack socket fault, then removed this to see if there were any dodgy solder joints (It is 40 years old, after all) but found none so I'm guessing the fault is internal to the jack. Can anyone identify the type/make? Thanks in advance, Mike.
  3. Not in the same league as some of the glorious creations in this thread, but here's the PBass I put together as a lockdown project. Turned out better than expected considering every component was ultra-budget except he Kent Armstrong pickup. Makes a great racket. I also built a Telecaster.
  4. I'm really not a fan of 'over the top' everything. Y'know, exotic woods, acres of shiny lacquer and blingy hardware. I'm thinking Ken Smiths or Alembics f'rinstance, though they're certainly not the only makers that go too far. For me, that sort of thing is an immediate turn off.
  5. Hello All, I'm trying to track down an old bass guitar I used to own. In 1994, due to unemployment, I sold my treasured Fender Jazz Bass through a music shop in Godalming in Surrey. Now I'm trying to track it down. At the time I sold it, it had a rich Ferrari red body, rosewood fingerboard with block inlays, can't remember if it still had a scratchplate or not, and it had unusual Seymour Duncan pickups with dip switches. I know it's a long shot but did anyone here buy it? I think I got £340 for it from a music shop at the top end of the High Street in Godalming. I can't remember the name of the shop unfortunately. I'd love to be reunited with it, it was my pride and joy when I bought it. Cheers and thanks in advance everyone. Mike.
  6. Oo, it does look pretty similar. Thanks for that info. Now I need to find some info about it. Time to write to that nice Mr East possibly. Cheers!
  7. Hi All, Digging around at the back of a drawer in my music room (We all have THAT drawer, don't we?) I found lots of stuff I'd forgotten about. Including a Bartolini MM5 pickup, and the preamp in the attached pictures. I've no memory of buying either. Does anyone recognise the preamp? Any idea of the manufacturer, or what bass it might have come from? Only clue on the box is the name 'BonzoBass', does that mean anything to anyone? I obviously bought it, and the pickup for a project, but I've no memory of when or what I had in mind at the time. All suggestions gratefully accepted. Cheers, Mike.
  8. Some great music there. I'd recommend checking out a London band called the Ezra Collective who fuse Afrobeat with jazz. Fab stuff. Also a band from New York (I think) called Nomo.
  9. During the lockdown I developed an unexpected and completely irrational urge to own a precision bass. I've never owned one before. Small matter of no money of course, so I've been accumulating bargain and S/H parts to build myself a Bitsa P. We'll see how this turns out.
  10. THis one had the scratchplate originally but gawd knows where it went between getting it in about 1970 and now. Still plays really nicely, despite it's 'distressed' condition.
  11. I still own a 1960-ish Hofner Congress acoustic that was the first guitar I ever played. It was originally bought for my younger sister but she quickly lost interest so it came to me. Still plays nicely, and every so often I wonder if I should do some sort of sympathetic restoration on it. Maybe when I retire...
  12. [quote name='lastrega' timestamp='1506876412' post='3381707'] String spacing please? [/quote] 18mm at the bridge, 9mm at the nut.
  13. [quote name='Winny Pooh' timestamp='1506864598' post='3381576'] Where do you live? [/quote] I'm in Hertfordshire, near St Albans.
  14. [attachment=254713:IMG_20170922_133146 (2).jpg][attachment=254714:IMG_20170922_133152.jpg][attachment=254715:IMG_20170922_133211.jpg][attachment=254716:IMG_20170922_133215.jpg][attachment=254717:IMG_20170922_133221.jpg][attachment=254718:IMG_20170922_133230.jpg][attachment=254719:IMG_20170922_133328.jpg]Hello All, I've pretty much given up playing for good, so my gear is for sale. This is my MPU headless 5 string, built by Finnish maestro and good guy Marko Ursin. It's a light, superbly-crafted fiver with carbon neck, that absolutely thunders when cranked up, though it's more than capable of the subtle stuff too. I've had it since 2104 and love it though it didn't get played as much as it deserved to. Here's the spec; [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-Swamp ash/poplar burl body[/font][/color][/size] [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-Custom-made carbon fiber neck with dual action truss rod, 34" scale, 24 frets, Richlite phenolic fingerboard[/font][/color][/size] [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-Custom-made Wal-style10-coil pickup[/font][/color][/size] [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-ACG EQ2 filter preamp[/font][/color][/size] [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-ETS tuner and bridge[/font][/color][/size] [size=4][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]-Ghost piezo bridge[/font][/color][/size] [color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]T[/font][/color][color=black][font=Arial, sans-serif]he bass uses a clamp-style nut rather than double ball strings. Can't remember what strings are on at the moment, though it plays exceptionally well with SITs if I remember correctly.[/font][/color] It'll be shipped in a coffin case and well-protected, though collection in person is possible too. £750 ono.
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