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Aguilar AG500 & (2X) DB112 - Chocolate Thunder.


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Well I got to gig this setup for the first time last night so thought I'd share my initial thoughts.

Straight off I have to say that this thing is loud. Bowel disintegratingly loud in fact. Fortunately all that volume is controllable with the volume knob so all is good.
The other striking thing about this set up is just how damn sexy it looks IMHO. The Chocolate Thunder (and I'm still giggling to my self every time I say that by the way) colour looks very classy and coordinates nicely with the sunburst finish of my new bass too :D .
I'm not gonna give a technical rundown of all the figures and inner workings (yawn) as they're all online anyway and I don't have them in any case. In a nutshell, it's a 500W, 2 channel (one clean, one overdriven) head running into 2 8ohm 1x12 dual rear ported cabs each with a tweeter (I opted to have the top one on full and the bottom one off).
Soundwise I think the descriptions I've been given of the Aguilar sound as being a more modern sounding Ampeg are a pretty fair assessment - although the AG500 being a bit cleaner and more Hi-Fi than its stable mates also seems likely true. It is certainly more mid-focused than my old Ampeg rig but very much in a good way.
Our lead player's fears that such a small rig might not deliver enough low end were soon allayed when I punched in the deep switch and he pooed himself a little bit. I also found the treble control gave a more (while still not harsh or glassy) cutting and defined sound than I was expecting - again, very much in a good way.
The distortion channel I think I need to spend a bit more time with to get the best from it. I used it on Ace of Spades and there was easily enough gain on tap to push right into full on fuzz so at about 1 o'clock it was getting Lemmy- like levels of drive. Just need to work on the eq a bit yet to get the clarity in the mix.
I may have to find something to get it up closer to ear level though as when I initially had what I thought was a nice onstage level sorted, our singer who was out front for the soundcheck had to get me to turn down. Or as he put it " That bass is sounding bloody visceral out here"!
Overall - I love it!

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