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Fodera Emperor 5 Bolt-On - Premium Buckeye Burl Top - SOLD

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Fodera Emperor 5 Bolt-On - Premium Buckeye Burl Top

Premium Full Buckeye Burl Top
Ash Body
3-pc Maple Neck
Wonderful Birdseye Maple Board
21 frets, Black Dots
35 scale
String Spacing at bridge: 18,5 - 19,5 mm (now ca. 19 mm)
Gold Hardware
Seymour Duncan Single Coils in '70s positions
Transparent Ramp and Scratchplate, removable
Pope preamp, 3-Bd.-EQ
Weight: 4,0 kg (!!)

The top and the board look both breathtaking and the bass performs great - with the typical dominant Fodera timbre and a low action. And .. it weighs about 4kg - never seen a 35" Fodera as comfortable as this !

This bass has been played a lot for some good reason - and you can see this in several areas:
The back has a serious belt buckle rash over the whole surface. The half of the body back shows some discoloration. The small exposed wood part beneath the electronics cover plate is damaged and partly gone, and the upper horn and armrest area at the top has a lot of dings - probably due to some metal rings on the arm of the player. Several cracks in the finish on the sides of the body. So it is not a presentation model, yet it looks still fine from distance and feels great.

A refin would be a great idea for this instrument ! Although I leave that up to the new owner - my price reflects this of course.

Bridge, tuners, knobs, electronics work fine but show some wear as well, although not as serious as the dings on the body. The neck and frets survived in good health - so as soon as you play it the worn parts are forgotten...:-). The previous owner has installed a battery compartment for easier access. The bass has been equipped now with gold Hipshot type bridge and gold tuners, it came originally with black hardware which is still available.

This Fodera has a thunderous B string, deep and clear. Action is low. The bass balances well on the strap. The truss rod works perfect, all screws, frets etc. are in great working condition. This is a true workhorse for the professional and a joy to play for all low end enthusiasts !

Bass comes with no-name case.


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[quote name='KERMITNT' timestamp='1374479107' post='2149026']
photobucket is set on private !!!

Sorry - it's public now :-)

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Have a bump on me.

Bought a couple of basses from Rainer - He is THE man, top top top top top top seller.

And played this bass as well, killer…

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Man, beauty... I have Fender 74 that would trade but still not sure...

Good luck with sale Rainer...

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Hi all, thanks for your kind words !

The pictures look a bit green-ish. Don't know why, may be due to the dominant Buckeye top together with my yellow lights. In fact the colour of neck and ash body has been faded into a nice amber. The bass looks even better in reality than on the pics !

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