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  1. 5 hours ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Would have thought there was a Guitar Guitar in your area. That's where i've tried them all.

    I did drive down to Bass Direct once to try out 5 stringers so if you are gonna spend a lot of money on a bass you really want to try them out and a day out might be worthwhile for you.

    Guitar Guitar Birmingham or Newcastle look nearest to you.



    It's a real shame that the bass section in GG Glasgow has slipped after Paul (I think) left. He had all the Sandberg and Dingwalls and other interesting stuff in. Now it's back to Fenders, Ibanez and MusicMans with a sprinkling of others. 

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  2. Watched two videos on the SB-2 and Kiloton from Ivan the bassist on YouTube. Very straightforward reviews and I think I'm sold on the SB-2. 


    I'm sure the Kiloton is great, but think the SB-2 offers the tone I am currently looking for. 




  3. 2 hours ago, Jonesy said:


    If it were the black version I'd be very tempted and probably wouldn't have shared the link 😉

    That's the only thing holding me back. 


    Quite tempted by the one @Shepster8316has for sale too. Would need to get a darker scratchplate though. 

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  4. Did a bit of a shootout in the local guitar shops today. 

    G&L Tribute SB-2 vs Squier CV 50s vs Sterling Stingray vs Sadowsky Metro Express vs Reverend Sentinel 


    The G&L was by far my favourite, neck just felt right and even the different controls weren't too unfamiliar. I've previously had an L2000 and I do miss it but it was a bit fiddly, and I'm finding my current Sire the same. I want something more straightforward, should I look at the LB100? Or even a used L1000? 

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