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  1. Nice...what sort of finish on the body?
  2. Not strictly bass effects related, however I am looking for a looper type pedal to trigger samples through the PA during a live band set (while also playing bass). Thing is, I'm not completely sure what I'm going to need - have been recommended the Digitech Jam Man Stereo, however there seems to be several different types and I don't really need a memory bank for 99 loops/effects and wondered if there is a more simple solution? I'm assuming any looper pedal with an SD card will work, however I just wanted to see what, if anything, others might be using for this purpose? Cheers.
  3. Will go for the Metaphors if you still have it? Cheers.
  4. Hi, do you still make the p bass wiring kits? Cheers.

    1. KiOgon


      Yes I do - PM sent 😉

  5. Anyone used one? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_custom_line_oc_5_octave.htm
  6. Ok, wanted one with an octave up really, but cheers for explaining.
  7. I'm interested...how do the controls relate though, ie does it do a sub and high octave?
  8. Could be loose speaker screws. My Midget was making a rattling/zinging sound at practice last week when cranked up and playing a B. Took the grill off, tightened the screws and it seems to be sorted, so will add a dab of Loctite next time.
  9. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1508494798' post='3392544'] The Midget is designed to work best with the Compact or with another Midget. However, in the current market, even a used BF cab is likely to set you back a lot more money than a used TE cab. [/quote] This is the thing...hence my post!
  10. Just wondered if anyone had mixed their BF cabs with other brands and what the results were? Just bought a Midget and its great for probably 70% of gigs, but will probably need a bit more oomph for a few others. The plan is to eventually get a pair of Midgets, but until then, a mate is selling his TE115 so just wondered if anyone had any thoughts as to how they might pair up? Will be playing punk/rock 'n' roll using a p bass and an Orange Bass terror...
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