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  1. UK Customs charges! Got hit for a bridge I imported from the USA! Rip-off! At least Dîck Turpin wore a mask!! :sad:

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    2. Highfox


      :( Here in Finland there are no import duties to pay for items that are imported from outside of the EU if,  The total value including postage come to some under something like €50.

      Or at least that was the case the last time I  imported anything from the USA, far too complicated to try and save money on items and will only do it if it's a specialised item I can't get from anywhere else.

    3. discreet


      Having done the sums, even with custom charges the bridge still works out cheaper importing from the US than buying it in the UK! Which just goes to show what a rip-off everything is here!

      See? Even though I actually got a fair result, I'm still moaning about it! :D

    4. prowla


      In the UK it's if goods + posting > £18 (or thereabouts).

      The courier normally adds an "admin fee", of £10-20.

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