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  1. Given that the year is of sentimental meaning to him, do I tell my Managing Director that the 1972 Precision he thinks he has, has actually got a 74 neck and 73 pots?🙄

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    2. Thunderbird


      It will eat you up and you will burn in hell if you don't tell him lol

    3. rhysyjob


      Could be a career influencing move......🤫

    4. Bilbo


      Only if he wants to sell it to you.....

  2. Totally hooked on the BBC World Service Podcast, 13 Minutes to the Moon.  Superb. 

  3. Wondering whether I should be annoyed that a bass I agreed to buy at the asking price and collect at the sellers earliest availability has been 'sold' to someone else without the buyer telling me......

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    2. lownote


      This is where I try and work out whether an entirely out of proportion response may be detected by Sir Robert Peel's finest. So far these thoughts stay in my head. Can't speak for the future though. 

    3. Lozz196


      Wrap up a fresh dog-poo in newspaper, put it outside his front door then set light to it - when he opens the door his instinct will be to stamp out the fire 💩

    4. Muppet


      I am calmer now - Mr Gary Mac has come to my rescue! 

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