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  1. I Bought Petes Elrick expat evolution. Excellent condition, great bloke, nice coffee too, thanks Pete
  2. Hi, whats the string spacing on this please ? regards steve
  3. I saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago, have you sold it yet ?
  4. I have one of these and can confirm everything stated in the comprehensive description to be spot on, and at £750 this has to be the best bargain on here at the moment imo. Good luck with the sale
  5. HI, Is there a case with this bass ? Do you have any more pictures ?
  6. My gas is building for this stunning looking bass. I need to get my holiday out of the way first though
  7. Im soon to part ex my warwick thumb 5 string bolt on for a new taylor acoustic. ive been offered 800 for it. if anyone here wants it for the same price itl give me the opportunity to shop around with the cash and maybe get a better deal. its a 2006 model in un gigged good condition. comes with rockbag. [attachment=74980:IMG_4929.jpg][attachment=74981:IMG_4926.jpg][attachment=74982:IMG_4931.jpg][attach ment=74978:IMG_4923.jpg][attachment=74979:IMG_4924.jpg]
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