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  1. artisan

    Fender Fretless J

    nice bass.the black plate really makes it.
  2. artisan

    Just Arrived!

    OMG I've just done something childish in me pants that is bloody lurvly i'm so so so so so so so so so so so jealous :wacko:
  3. i find Fender 9050L to be pretty good--cheap too.
  4. [quote name='dlloyd' post='25548' date='Jul 1 2007, 10:59 AM']Maggie May... parts are good, but the remainder suggests drunkeness...[/quote] +1 i think this is some of the worst bass playing i've ever heard.
  5. anyone know were i can get one of these ? there is an american ebay seller with 'em but i'd rather buy from a uk seller. cheers.
  6. artisan

    My new baby

    [quote name='martthebass' post='24577' date='Jun 28 2007, 06:24 PM']Very nice................any left at that price?[/quote] no sorry mate,this guy did have 2 but i bought the last one-lucky old me
  7. nice bass bass, pity the vocalist couldn't sing (sorry can't remember his name but man was he crap) Paolo Nutini thats his name,like i said he was really crap. the rest of the band were good thought.
  8. artisan

    My new baby

    [quote name='The Burpster' post='24441' date='Jun 28 2007, 02:22 PM']Very pretty sir..... Damn good price too.... was that new?[/quote] aye indeed it was mate
  9. i do like a good slapper or two.
  10. artisan

    My new baby

    [quote name='Rayman' post='24415' date='Jun 28 2007, 01:43 PM']That's wicked, by far the best colour for those. The switches scare me off though, what do they all do?[/quote] dead easy really, top switch is for the active circuit i.e. on or off there are two wheel type adjusters for active treble & bass. at the bottom an on-off switch for each pickup & a series switch for the pickups ( S1 switch stylee ) plus master volume & tone controls. the master tone control works when the bass is in active or passive mode -- cool eh? this bass really does sound very good,its in danger of becoming my no. 1 bass.
  11. artisan

    My new baby

    it sounds absolutely effin ace,the sheer amount of tones available is incredible & bulid quality is extremely good too,& it plays like a dream. the only thing wrong with it is a little bit of laquer missing from the top edge of the neck near the nut (chipped off) but it came with a fender gig bag (its brand new btw) & i paid £480.00 for it. bloody bargain eh ?
  12. artisan

    My new baby

    GAS its a wonderful thing
  13. Kay plywood piece of cack Hondo pro 2 piece of cack Squire P bass one of the first ones-why oh why didn't i keep it Honer headless Honer headless fretless Aria of some type-only a cheapo Aria super bass 900- i think Music man Sabre -should have kept this too-a genuine late 70's with origional case if i remember correctly Fender MIM Jazz bass Fender MIM P bass Fender MIA Jazz bass-this had a larger top horn than a normal Jazz-anyone remember them-looked crap really Fenix Jazz bass copy Fender MIJ 60's Jazz bass in candy apple red-should have kept this too Squire silver series P bass Fender P bass special -the one with P & J pups & gold anodised plate Fender MIA '62 Jazz bass in lpb--dodgy neck & weak sound it had to go Cort A5 Artisan 5 string - too many strings Cort Josh Paul 5 string - see above Warwick Streamer LX 4 sting Warwick Corvette $$ Musicman Stingray 3eq some dodgy luthier built fretless Jaco style Jazz bass Fender MIA S1 Jazz bass - 3tsb + maple board - simply the best bass i ever played * Squire vintage modified Jazz bass - the fretted one Fender MIJ P bass in coral pink -sorry about the colour * Fender Jaguar bass * could be a couple i've forgotten about. * = ones i have now
  14. Fender Jaguar in black. played one in sound control t'other day an' it were reet grand. sorted - got one & its ace.
  15. nice series of basses. my jazz is the same as yours was but i still have the stock white 'plate on it,i think i need a tort one now.yours looks fooking ace.
  16. nice choice mate looks good. look even better if you paint it pink uurr ok maybee not. oh just spotted your post above -- bollocks
  17. have to agree with the jap thangy,i just bought a jap P bass off ebay (check out me avatar--sorry about the colour) & it only cost me £265.00 delivered. after strings & a much needed set up it plays really nice,sounds awesome too. mucho recommended.
  18. thanks for the welcomes to find you i did a google search for bassworld,clicked pages from the uk & bingo you guys are the sixth listing down.
  19. thanks guys i guess i should list me gear then. Fender USA Jazz bass 3tsb + maple fret board Fender Japan Precision coral pink(sorry about that) Squire V.M. Jazz bass (the fretted one) G.K. 1001RB-11 G.K. 115SBX Ashdown perfect 10 mini rig i bought the Precision of ebay last night & should get me mits on it some time tomorrow,hopefully. its a 96,never seen one that colour though.
  20. i play in a blues band "The Growlers" (for 11 years) & i must confess when we first started i wasn't into blues at all,prefering Sabbath,Led Zep,Maiden etc but my brov' ,who's our lead guitarist,is SRV mad.So i listerned to a lot of Tommy's playing to get the feel of the blues mojo thing & i always thought he is a damn fine player,really driving the songs along. + because my brother thinks he's Yorkshire's answer to SRV we have to tune down a half tone which made jamming along with the CD's easier.
  21. tried logging onto the old Bassworld t'other day (first time in ages) & its not there. but luckily i've found y'all again. so hello there
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