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  1. On 13/05/2020 at 21:22, x20xt6 said:


    A bit unnecessary on a 4 string (unless you're playing with downtuned strings),

    I would have to disagree with you there as I own two four string Dingwalls & am very happy with my punchy/tight sounding 36.25" E strings.

    It's nice to have even tension across all four strings & all to have a very similar timbre.


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  2. 2 hours ago, EddHytheTown said:

    Extremely cool.

    I can't see a strap button so I assume it's on the heel - how is the balance?

    Both strap button sockets are recessed into the back of the body,it came with dunlop strap locks too.

    The balance is perfect,absolutely no neck dive & it is a very light bass too.

    It plays so easily that it convinced me to sell my vintage style basses (Rick 4003SW & P bass) & get the combustion to go with it.

    Only problem now is that I am gassing for a Canadian Dingwall next 😁

  3. The best light weight rig I have ever had is my current setup.

    In fact I would say it is the best rig I have ever had in 41 years of playing bass.

    Darkglass Microtubes 900

    Markbass NY122. (with the tacky logo removed)

    Very powerful,sounds fantastic & light weight too.


  4. 6 hours ago, ubit said:

    The Facebook selling app is quite good as you can advertise to a wide audience that live locally to you and are more likely to pick up something rather than have you incur transport costs and the risk involved.

    Yes I agree it is very good indeed.

    In fact I find it a much better selling medium than the marketplace on here & I have had far more success selling on there,it's totally free too.

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  5. I have just sold two basses in the space of a week via Facebook.

    Both adverts were for collection but both buyers happily arranged their own courier so the sales went smoothly.

    Personally I always prefer a buyer to collect or meet them somewhere convenient but if they wish to use a courier then that is fine,they sort it & if anything untoward should happen it's not my problem.

  6. 2 hours ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

    I’ve just realised I’ve dumped myself out of the GAS Challenge 2020 😬

    Since I've bought both my Dingwalls in the last month & am currently gassing for the Mopar purple NG3 at bass direct I wouldn't even consider entering the GAS challenge 😁

    (Well unless it was a farting contest that is,my wife reckons I could win one of those 😁)

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  7. 40 minutes ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

    I might have accidentally put deposit down on another Dingwall 😎.


    Well done 🤣

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  8. Well I've had a good old play on it today & can confirm it is absolutely fantastic,so easy to play,amazing build quality & sounds very nice too.

    I had one of the original combustions not long after they came out & found it sounded very bland,the newer ones are a big improvement.

    I just need an NG3 now 😁

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  9. 17 minutes ago, CameronJ said:


    Anyway, back on topic - cool bass! And you’ve got one of the newer Dingwall cases too! Where did you order from, @artisan?


    I bought it from Bass Direct same as my D roc 😁

    Both came in factory sealed boxes,so I was the first person to open them since they left Dingwall 

  10. well only 4 weeks ago I received my lovely D roc,I am so impressed with it I decided to sell my Rickenbacker & buy myself a Dingwall Combustion,which has just arrived at work.

    Fortunately it is very quiet so I've had time to have a little play & adjust the setup. My D roc came setup perfectly but I had to tweak this a fair bit to make it play nicely.

    One odd thing though,there are no batteries in the battery compartment !

    Is this normal ?

    Every active bass I have bought in the past came with batteries installed.






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  11. The only photo I've taken of my D roc yet.

    Love this bass to bits,it almost plays itself,so much so I'm tempted to move my beloved Ricky on & buy an NG3


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