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  1. Hiya! I'm selling my Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor pedal in very good condition, I've never really gotten my head around compressors but it seems to be working fine to me - I don't have an 18v PSU but with batteries it all seems fine, not sure if it'll actually run on a 9v PSU but it takes 2 x 9v batteries so I'd assume not. £60 takes it, I'd prefer cash on collection from Norwich (close to the airport) but I will post at the buyer's expense & I'll gladly chuck in a fistful of 9v batteries too. Any questions or requests for more photos please just ask. Cheers! Matt
  2. No, a Line 6 Pod X3 Pro through a QSC PLX1602 power amp. I'm supposed to be saving for a Helix and a lightweight amp but I've got myself all distracted......
  3. I'm talking 2nd hand for Markbass cabs, so maybe £700ish for a pair going on the prices I've seen recently. No real figure set in stone for the budget, I'm just looking into how much I need to sell and save to get what I want really! As for running a stereo setup, it's because of stereo fx on both the synth and bass. I'm also considering running my sampler through the same amp & cab setup but I think that'd just give the soundman headaches if I dont have the balance of everything spot on.
  4. Ooh, what impedance and handling are they? I've had a guy rave at me about his pair before and to be fair he did rattle some windows with them
  5. It really does seem like I'm asking a lot, I know. Does anyone know much about the BFM stuff? A friend of mine made an Omni 2x10 and likes it a lot but says the low end is a bit lacking, I was thinking maybe a 2x12 with stereo inputs might do the trick but can't see any frequency response charts for it on the website
  6. I don't use the bottom string a lot, but I want it to be audible when I do. I'm just drop tuning a standard scale bass with slightly heavier gauge strings than standard so I'm by no means getting the best low response possible from my bass either, but I like the rattley drop tuned sound. The other consideration is going with a pair of cabs or a single lightweight cab I can run with stereo inputs, as I'm looking to start using my synth as well as my bass through the same amp
  7. Oh yeah, and I'm budget conscious as I won't get a lot for my old war horse. Wonderful as it is it's no longer desirable in a light weight world......
  8. Hey, I'm after a bit of advice and some opinions on bits and bobs if you all don't mind helping. For years I've been very happy with my SWR Goliath Sr 6x10, it's taken everything I've thrown at it and sounded good while doing it. I've cranked it and forgotten to DI my head in a 250 cap venue before and rather than disturb the show the soundman brought everything else up to match and I've loved having that ability, maybe only having a 65w starter amp and a guitarist with a 100w drowning me out stuck with me..... Anyways, although it's got kickback wheels and isn't quite so heavy that I can't load it into my car on my own it is getting to be a bit much, especially as I've started rehearsing with a band who use a studio with stairs. So what I'm thinking is that I'd like a pair of more manageable cabs which won't lose any of the capabilities of my trusty old lump. I'm also drop tuning to B with a low F# below it on my 5 string so low capabilities are important, although to be fair the SWR doesn't look that great on paper in that respect. I'm very tempted to try and find a pair of Markbass 104 HFs and actually go bigger, but I'm not convinced I'll fit everything in my car at once. Id also be after 4 ohm ones as I'd like to go stereo rather than diasy chain them. The low response on the 102s isn't as good and I'm not sure if get the volume I want either. So what else is out there? I hear a lot of buzz about Barefaced, but they're quite expensive. BFM stuff, but which to chose? Would I get a comparable sound or would I have to eq differently due to the cab design? Not ideal as I usually DI my head so want my "standard" tone going out that way too. What do you all reckon?
  9. I'll have an ask around to see if anyone close to me can let me try one out, if I like it maybe we can do the courier thing. And I was supposed to be saving up for a Helix..............
  10. Hiya! I'm selling my good condition mid 90s Pro Co Turbo Rat pedal, this one has the Motorola LM308N chip which I understand is the one to have. One of the pots seems to show a date of '94 and the other looks like it says '97, there's some velcro on the bottom but I can remove that along with any residue if it's an issue. The only other minor points are that the battery cover screw is missing (I can probably find one to do the job) and the covering is slightly ruffled on the back by the inputs (see photo). I've seen ones like this go for more than I'm asking on eBay, but if consensus is that I've got the price totally wrong then I'm happy to negotiate - just don't be offended if I don't sell to the first person who says "Nah mate, it's only worth £20....." £120 £100 takes it, I'd prefer cash on collection from Norwich (close to the airport) but I will post at the buyer's expense & I'll gladly chuck in a fistful of 9v batteries too. Any questions or requests for more photos please just ask. Cheers! Matt
  11. The reason I ask is I've got one with a 308 chip but I'm looking to shift it, I want to price it realistically but don't want to give it away if I'm sitting on hidden treasure. I had no idea about the different chips etc until I started looking into the value of it yesterday.
  12. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272913480634
  13. Cheers for the info! I guess what I'm really asking is are any of them more valuable than the rest? The eBay listing that said about the 308 chip appeared to sell for £135 but any others I've seen have been around the 40 quid mark, it doesnt seem like the 308 ones are really that rare though, so has a fool simply been parted from their money?
  14. Hiya! I'm selling my Boss GEB-7 bass EQ pedal, good condition and I'll gladly chuck in a fistful of 9v batteries too if it sweetens the deal. £50 takes it, I'd prefer cash on collection from Norwich (close to the airport) but I will post at the buyer's expense. Any questions or requests for more photos please just ask. Cheers! Matt
  15. Oh yeah, and also using the code on the pots to date the unit - does that count for anything?
  16. Hello folks I'm just after a bit of advice on the subject of Pro Co Turbo Rat pedals; are any of them actually rare and desirable or are they all much of a muchness? I've done a little digging, one eBay listing was bragging about the "Motorola LM308N Chip" claiming it was highly sought after but then on another forum someone said all Turbo Rats are all pretty much the same. Anyone with a bit more knowledge on the subject care to enlighten me? Cheers, Matt
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