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  1. excellent, thank you. im picking up an Ashdown 2x12 tonight which one day i may pair with a 2x10 for a bit of punch. im looking forward to carrying a 15kg cab instead of the 40kg cab i currently have
  2. thank you, i thought that was the case but i'm not all that great when it comes to electrics and impedance. appreciate the help
  3. As the title says, I am looking at getting a 2 x 12 cabinet rated to run 300 watt at 8 ohm. My ampeg says it runs 450 watt at 4 ohm, 275 at 8 ohm. Does this mean that i would be able to use a single 8 ohm cabinet just with a reduced out put? or would the ampeg fry it? im assuming the former but there is just no switch to select between ohmage. any help would be great. cheers
  4. that's basically were i stand. no issues with people who do love playing covers but it doesn't flick my switch as much as the writing and performance of my own/my bands own stuff. we're all different and play for different reasons, that's ok in my book.
  5. in fairness you could argue that very little is "original" these days with the vast amount of music available. i don't deny that my stuff is influenced by other artists, i just don't want to spend my time playing their songs, regardless of how creative i can be with them.
  6. never said they are, and i never said you can't be creative in a covers band. there are lots of people who do it and love it. i don't. i'm a song writer, my reason for playing music is to write songs. this also means that i go through periods where i don't play (currently haven't played live in 3 years). but i'm okay with that. i've said before to you, fair play for being in a position where you are in a band you enjoy. i have no issue with people who are in your boat, or who want to do covers, but honestly, if i did 4 hour cover gigs 3 nights on the bounce then i would get bored quickly.
  7. i don't mind playing covers, but for me its about creating. i get much more joy out of creating something from thin air than learning someone elses music.
  8. this is a tough one, ive got a number of bands i would consider "my band" in the way they have inspired me to make music, and honestly i draw my influences from all over the place. feeder - the band that showed me you don't have to a be a virtuoso to make music people want to rock out to to angels & airwaves - showed me that any pop punk musician can have dreams beyond their imagination black stone cherry - for showing me that even fat blokes can be rock front men. the who - for having the balls to do things other people didn't.
  9. i agree with this, drums should form the basis of a good song not be the song. ringo for his faults provided the base for the others to do their thing, and it worked. nothing wrong with that at all.
  10. i suspect the line "you had to be there" will come up in this thread once or twice....
  11. i appreciate he was talented, but i find most of it unlistenable. but that applies to most jazz for me. it's just not my thing. i also can't get on board with mark king either.
  12. to be honest, the 410 already sits in the garage. my main reasoning is that i am starting to return to the band scene and have discovered that i want to travel more lightweight than I have in the past
  13. I currently have an Ampeg SVT 3 pro and a 410HLF cab to go with it, and whilst it has served me well i don't gig or play all that often, so looking to downsize. Rather than replace everything, i'm considering keeping the head, but replacing the cab with something smaller, perhaps a 2x10 (maybe a 2x12 but not sure i would save much space). I am looking for a good cab to pair with it for not a massive amount of money. Any recommendations?
  14. i can do it in about 5-10, breakdown about the same time
  15. [quote name='clivem' timestamp='1509459684' post='3399075'] And just out of interest, how many other people upon being instructed by the dentist, to book another appointment with the receptionist on their way out, walk up to the reception desk, and immediately ask for the receptionists name? Really? [/quote] i went to a meeting the other day and was greeted by a male and female receptionist, i didn't ask either of them for their names... they didn't ask me mine either, i'd like to think there is a receptionists forum somewhere discussing whether i was reduced to something less than my worth, but i'm not going to get hung up about it.
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