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  1. [quote name='richardd' post='147126' date='Feb 26 2008, 10:13 AM']Proberbly sooner than you think Jim ( interested)[/quote] How dare you sir!!! You seem to be suggesting that I'm some kind of insatiable GAS addict, I take this as a very personal attack and expect an imediate retraction.... Unless it's a Sado' 4 String Jazz **hangs head in GAS shame** :blush:
  2. Was it you who had that fully functional 70s jazz body jebo? If 'yes' do you still have it?
  3. Surely as a confirmed lead poseur sorry 'singer' Phil Oakey should be hounded out of town? Good wind up though.
  4. I think this has probably been mentioned before, but I can't remember.... Does anyone else think this 'merchant' might be matching up old necks with refinished bodies and a mixture of new and old hardware, if you look at this one and the infamous candy apple red one this would make some sense???
  5. cheers guys I'm starting to get the idea here, is a similar option available on the Musicman HH configurations or do they just have one setting??
  6. Hi chaps, can someone please explain in terms I can understand the difference between Single Coil, Parallel and Series? What is the difference in sound? Can you wire up a bass so that you can flick a switch between the settings. For example if I had two humbuckers (like MMs) what would the options be regarding wiring them up, putting in switches and what would the effect be on the sound or hum? I'm researching getting a bass made and my preffered config would be a pair of MMs (I'm thinking two Delano MC4 HEs) but I'm unsure how to approach the wiring/configuration side to get the most versatile set up.
  7. Nice to see you still have that fretted, glad you didn't sell it now Lee-man? I'm gutted you changed your mind about that, it's a really nice bass.
  8. [quote name='the hand of john curley' post='137253' date='Feb 9 2008, 07:32 PM']Just to say , bought a beautiful Jazz from Jim today and what a top bloke to deal with, totally genuine. Credit to the world of Bass Chat! Matt[/quote] Cheers Matt, any issues with the Bass, give me a call.
  9. Bloody hell!! I've had one of these since 1998 I bought it for £550 in a local music shop and used it a load in the studio for some high c work, I have the walnut body and wenge thru kneck type described in your link. Really tidy bass. Thanks!
  10. [quote name='richardd' post='136765' date='Feb 8 2008, 06:15 PM']Weekend Bump. Is there no interest in this Gorgeous Bass ?[/quote] Plenty of interest Ricardo but no cash! I'll just reiterate that this is a great bass and richard purveys excellent tea and chit-chat to buyers.
  11. I've been sorely tested by one of these before, they look awesome, great players, they obviously picked good instruments to chrome up, trouble is, after a while they are just streamers.
  12. I played this last night and it's a great bass, highly recommend to anyone.
  13. For sale: Peavey 410TX cab with horn, about 10 years old, decent condition, dead reliable cab, 8 ohms.... Not much else to say,£40, come and pick it up, or I can drop it for petrol money within reasonable distances of Scunny and Manchester or along the M62 corridor.
  14. [quote name='E_MaN' post='131953' date='Feb 1 2008, 02:34 PM']The fact he's from switzerland...foreigners eh? lol And also he seems to have alot of stuff from Jap, looking at Japanese fenders especially the 75 models just seeing whether they're not 'ghosts' or anything. I couldn't see anything wrong from the feedback either but I'd thought I'd check...[/quote] I bought a bass from him, as described and came in like a week, good comms etc, seems fine to me. I think he specialises in Jap Fenders.
  15. Hand' has made an offer on this and on a first come first served basis it's on hold, Sorry to everyone else who was interested, I said I'd let it go the first offer I got at the right price, cheers though.
  16. [quote name='nottswarwick' post='132151' date='Feb 1 2008, 07:36 PM']?? - just curious..[/quote] Richard and I have dealt with each other before and earlier on I was teasing him for selling too many basses and I'm selling one now, which I rarely do, so he's taking the mick!!!!
  17. [quote name='richardd' post='131899' date='Feb 1 2008, 01:14 PM']HI No normal speakon or 1/4 jack are fine Rich[/quote] I'm tempted mate, I'll ruminate on it and if it's still here when I've decided I'll take it as a sign from god!!!
  18. OK guys I've got a question about my own bass and I need some help Nottswarick has pointed out that the Fender site lists Jap mades as having R +5 digits, but mine has R + 6 digits, I know it's kosher since I've owned it from new but I'm just wondering what the situation is with this, it was made in 2006, so did they change the serial numbering or what?. Like I said, I never really thought about it cos I got it new from Japan
  19. Rich, do you have the special lead to connect it to a Gallien Kruger Head?
  20. Well I'm just going off what it said when I bought it, I suppose it doesn't really matter does it. Based on previous comments in the forum the acuracy of these models can be a bit of a mish mash, I don't think the RI status is the selling point really, it's a Jazz Bass, it sounds like a Jazz Bass and plays like one. It's made to look like a vintage instrument but in the end it was actually made a couple of years ago. It has the bound rosewood and block inlays of a 66/67 but as far as I know the Japanese don't do an RI with Oval Tuners to match, moreover the bolting on the neck is 3 bolt which would be way wrong for 66, but it also has a thumb rest. I've always got the impression that they weren't trying to produce genuine copies, just inspired replicas, applying the tradiational values of Japanese quality control and precision manufacture and producing something which aped the characteristics of a vinatage. To be frank I'm not sure Fender ever made an instrument either in the 60s or 70s that looked like this, especially with the Black headstock and gold/black writing???? I've found it to be the best put together fender I've had my hands on other than my 82 fullerton, no rough edges, flawless finish, solid feeling instrument. I don't know it's history, I got it new from Japan because I liked the look and fancied a Jazz, trouble is I have a Sandberg JM a couple of Precisions and some Stingrays so it just ain't getting used.
  21. Hey all, I have for sale my mint condition Crafted in Japan 66 reissue Jazz Bass. Black with a tort pickguard and a matching black headstock, and a thumb rest. Never really played it, bought a P bass straight after and it just doesn't get used, I've been over it with a finetooth comb and I can't find a mark on it serial number R005534 Also what you can't see from the headstock shot is that bizzarely the 'Jazz Bass' is written in black so only shows up in a certain light -crazy Japs!!! £500. Delivery: I'm pretty flexible, come and have a look at it I'm in Scunny, or I can meet up with you anywhere near Scunny, Lincoln, Manchester, M62 Corridor or North Cheshire for petrol money. I'll put it into an old hard case I have if I have to post it.
  22. Christ Rich you're going through a few basses at the moment, nice though, always wondered why they didn't make more effort with the head transfer (like the shoddy one's on Fullertons) I've dealt with Rich and he's a nice bloke and trustworthy, although by the looks of recent activities he has a serious GAS problem....he he
  23. Is this the one you used to have in your old B/W avatar? If I remember correctly Tombboy used to rave about this, a fair price for anyone wanting to pick up one of these bad boys, they are the balls as good a musicman as has ever been made IMNSHO.
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