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  1. Gigging drummer for 40 years. heart trouble meant I had to give it up. Suffering from depression, and aged 57 I got a rubbish 2/2 foundation degree in popular music. Eventualy, after doing some private tutoring and stuff for a while, bored now,  I took up bass as a challenge and have been experimenting for some time. I started out with a heavily customised stag 24 fret 4 string (Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounders , grover tuners and decent strings etc.} and a Laney RB4 160 watt amp. , learned a few classic rock tunes  and did a couple of pub gigs with three like minded oldies, but I was forced to move out the area, and the band really wasn't that good it warranted travelling for. Living on my own and with no musical contacts I took a more serious approach and I now have Quicy Tolouse 6 string through neck active, with a mark bass little mark lll and a pair of Hartke 210 XL cabinets, and I am trying to teach myself to play Bach Cello parts with a view to teaming up with a flute player. Okay I always did have ambitions beyond my abilities but if you don't try you'll never know 🙂 All of this brings me to the point of my signing up to the forum., so I'll leave this and head over to my first attempt at a post.

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    2. SpondonBassed
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      That's quite a journey - welcome aboard!

    4. Risk101


      Huge admiration for your "get up and go" to get as far as you have already - surely bodes well for the future. Welcome to the forum. !!

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