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  1. 1590a Bass Overdrive with relay bypass in the house....they said it couldn't be done, Schu-Tone Pedals have done it!

    1. Daz39


      Dim question - what's the difference with a relay bypass over the standard type?

    2. Sibob


      @Daz39 The type of switch really. Most standard ‘true bypass’ pedals use a 3PDT mechanical footswitch, hence them being quite clunky and relatively heavy to operate. When utilising a relay bypass, the actual on/off happens within the relay, so you can use a soft-footswitch to simply send a signal telling the relay to switch the effect on/off, it’s not reliant on a mechanical action from the footswitch.

      Ultimately their are pros/cons to both, and different people have different preferences, but for the particular situation I’m in, softswitch is the way to go :)

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