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  1. La Bella Flats & Gold White Nylons have arrived!! The Flats will replace the Chromes on my Precision, but will make some recordings for a direct comparison! Very much looking forward to testing the GW Nylons on my Lakland 5!

    1. Kevsy71


      Look forward to your Chrome vs La Bella thoughts Si! I'm now settled on Fender 9050Ms on my Limelight , very nice combination :)

    2. Sibob


      Yes, will be interesting to hear any differences from your comparison, although I'm using the 'standard' Flats as opposed to the Original '54 Flats you had.
      I really like the Chromes, but with my Lakland having the La Bella Gold Flats on now, which are brighter with more attack (similar to Chromes), thought I'd try something a little more thump and mellow on my Precision. Plus means I can now potentially get all my strings from one brand.