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  1. I'd take a '60s Classic Vibe P Bass and some cash
  2. or whatever it was I decided to call it (the black one was definitely AGBM-1) Swamp Ash body, Maple neck, flamed Sycamore fingerboard. Musicman Bongo pickup, John East preamp. Weight - about 7lbs gigged regularly since I built it, the thin lacquer finish has a little bit of wear and one or two marks, but is otherwise fine Price - always difficult to price something like this, but I would like a fair amount, so I'm asking £500
  3. £575 (still including the £40 Gramma Pad)
  4. sorry - if I needed a rig I'd keep what I've got, I'm selling because I'm off to play acoustic guitar instead - when I come back to playing bass I'll buy another Markbass setup
  5. last gig done - amp did its job superbly as always - now ready to go to a new home
  6. 1: I made it. 2: The Bongo pickup. 3: The John East preamp.
  7. I spent a quiet day one Xmas messing around with bits of foam, etc. and my preference was for a bit of rolled up kitchen towel (can't remember which brand, but probably Tesco's own )
  8. . . . until I realise that I do have a use for it (or the amp ends up on ebay), I'll throw in my Auralex Gramma Pad, at no extra cost!
  9. nearly time for sale ! (not that anyone seems that interested ) it's a fantastic sounding amp though - is it too big ?
  10. Just to be clear, this isn't playing between songs, it's more over-embellishing everything. We play mostly originals in a style somewhere between ska and reggae, and there are little off-beat snare hits and fills, and cymbals, and all sorts, all over the place - sometimes the singer will call for us to quieten down, which he does with no problem, but still puts in little bits all over it. There's nothing necessarily "wrong" in what he's doing, it just annoys me We've had drummers who are more restrained, and it leaves space for the rest of the band to work in, and more of a groove (IMHO)
  11. I've played drums in bands, and been guilty of hitting things hard myself and I'd be happy to spend time sorting things out, but if the band leader thinks there's nothing wrong then I'm not going to start "having words" with the drummer, I'd rather move on.
  12. this is not at rehearsal, this is all through the gig . .
  13. . . but in my case the decision has already been made I've been gigging in a band for a number of years off and on. I'm one of the four original members, though only myself and the singer/guitarist/songwriter/bandleader are left, and we've so far had 24 people (including the two of us) who have gigged with the band at one time or another ! The lineup can include up to three backing singers, two horn players, percussion etc. so it's not quite as bad as it looks. . Anyway, recently we've taken on a new drummer, and whilst he is a perfectly competent player, he: 1 ) hits everything too hard - the snare sound was making me feel a little queasy the other night, and I have to resort to earplugs or lose my hearing, and: b ) never stops hitting things, even if the singer calls for quiet, with maybe some bass drum, he's hitting wood blocks and chimes and god knows what else (which really gets on my nerves) and as a consequence there no longer seems any groove to work with. I pointed this out to the singer, but he "really likes what he's doing" and as he does all the decision making, I'm doing two more gigs and then I'm gone - I'm going to do some acoustic guitar playing for a year or two and enjoy some quite music-making for a change
  14. [url="http://youtu.be/kUH2jxpVXqg"]http://youtu.be/kUH2jxpVXqg[/url]
  15. I've got an old 80s curly lead that I found in a box, I put some Neutrik jacks on it and use it for work - no crackles even after hoovering part of it up the other day
  16. update: I'm gigging until April 14th now, so it won't be available until then. shipping in the UK is likely to be AT LEAST £40+vat (£48) so not cheap. This a superb sounding rig and has never let me down, but I'm not one for having things sitting in the corner for the off-chance of a gig. My gig last night (1st of four left to do) convinced me that it's time for a change (yet another new drummer, and one whose style doesn't really work for me, so I'm off). Another plus is I don't have to play Monkey Man again
  17. trade for a smaller Markbass combo + cash considered
  18. not quite available yet (just about to quit my current band) but will be soon, price reduced !
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