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  1. Hi guys, I hope all of you are staying safe. I have a Yamaha Trb4 MK1 (two jazz pick-ups) and love everything about it .... except for the electronics. I have always though it sounds OK ... but just OK. I would love to get a more modern sound out of it and a broader palette (would love something like the Yamaha BB2004 I once had but regrettably ended up selling). I have seen in a couple of TRB threads people that complained against the MK1 eq section branding it as noticeably inferior to the "upgraded" MKII and have seen many of these basses for sale with replacement electronics so I guess I'm not alone. In the past, I have swapped pickups and electronics out with varying degrees of satisfaction. Sometimes it has been a "wow, this sounds like a completely different instrument" and others more like "meeee ... the difference is not that great". So I would like to get some guidance, even if it is subjective, on where the biggest improvement can be achieved. I would usually start with changing the pickups, but I have mostly upgraded basses that came with fairly cheap pickups and in this case it is not obvious for me, specially due to the bad press the eq section has received, that this is the best approach given that on paper the specs of the pickups look respectable. My question is: among those of you that have dealt with this model in particular and have swapped electronics, in your opinion, is the EQ section the weakest link, the pickups or both. best, Marcus
  2. I doubt it would have left the factory with the problem, but maybe a previous owner "played" with it or lateral pressure has taken its toll. Thanks. I'll tackle it when I get home and see how it works.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the answers and sorry if it is a bit confusing... after pondering I think the question is not exclusive to zero frets... I guess I just wanted to know if anyone has changed the nut on their basses for a narrower option and if intonation and everything (after setting up the bridge) was OK. The issue about the zero fret is that the nut only functions as a string guide for the width not for the height. Just to give you context, here is a photo of the bass... The spacing at the bridge is 18" so I only want to narrow nut width down a very tiny bit (I have always found the strings look a little too parallel as opposed to fanning out slightly).
  4. Hi guys, I have had a (headed) Status Matrix bass for about 15 years now and love it's sound and most things about it. However, over the years I have been using it less and less given that I moved on to 5-string. In the process I found the string spacing at the nut on my 5'ers much more comfortable (A Yammi TRB5II and a MM Sub5 ... for those wondering). Now i'm trying to spend more time on the 4-string and I have picked up a TRB4 (have a thing for TRBs) and again love the comparatively narrower string spacing. I would love to "copy" the string spacing over from the Yamaha to the Status and in theory at least I think it should work. The frets on the Status are visually fine (light string gauges and increasingly less usage over the years) and the nut has already been repaired once so it would not mean hacking into a pristine instrument. Has anyone done it? Any suggestions? I should mention the bass is back home in South America, where I'll be moving back soon, so taking it to a luthier here is not an option. any comments welcome. M.
  5. Passed on to fellow basschatter. _______________________________ Hi Guys, picked this up here some time ago for my attempts at playing guitar. I'm moving back home in a couple of months and have to get rid of unessentials. As it was kindly given to me, I believe I have to do the same thing. Collect in North London (N12) if there is no interest, I'll just drop it of at a charity shop. M.
  6. Have a bump. I have an identical one and love it. Great deep tones and powerful passive pu's.
  7. mcc

    Free fretless neck

    I would like it if you still have it. I live in North London.
  8. You are right about it using TL062... two of them. The board us a bit cluttered for me to give it a try. And any money I have to spare I think will go into a fret dressing... thanks for the comments. Maybe a gather up the courage to change the op amps some time in the future. m. [quote name='BILL POSTERS' timestamp='1447860056' post='2911017'] Something in the back of my mind says they used TLO62 op amps. Try warming them up, tip of a soldering iron or a hairdryer. if the hiss gets worse, and if your up to it replace them. or just replace them anyway, theyre probably only pennies each. Not sure but I think RS stock a FET replacement which should be quieter and draw less current from yer batteries, someone on here wil no doubt be along in a minute with more knowlege than me about that. [/quote]
  9. Its definitively not single coil hum and according to the specs it has stacked J pick ups. Its an underlying hiss that increases when you turn up the highs. I found that overall output is very low so I cranked up the output inside the control cavity. Maybe I went too far. Anyone out there replaced the electronics only?
  10. Hi guys, I recently picked up a slightly worn but overall very nice TRB4 (JJ pick-ups bolt on) and am loving it. I had read before getting it that many people complained of noisy electronics and I do think it has a hiss that is loud even for 90’s standards. From what I read, many people simply upgraded the electronics. I wondered if anyone had pinpointed if it was the pickups or the circuit or both. Also, I’ve read that changing this or that capacitor might help for hissing problems... has anyone tried it? best, Marcus
  11. Hi, I picked up a reasonably priced second hand BB1025 based only on the on-line reviews and WOW!!! I love the sound. Roll-off the tone a bit and you get a great P-Bass sound. Combine with the bridge pick-up and you get instant focus without loosing the warmth. I guess a BB1024(X) should be similar. It seems not many come up second hand, however for some reason Yammies are frowned upon, so if one does it will probably be a lot cheaper than new and not that much more expensive than a new BB424. good luck with the search.
  12. Wow.... I really like it. If I had my SUB with me now I might try it.... luckily I don't.
  13. mcc


    Just picked up one of these in natural.... really nice basses!!! GLWTS.
  14. I drool over this bass!!! Unfortunately its a bit out of my budget. GLWTS
  15. I haven't played a true P-Bass in an incredibly long time but I remember it being quite thick. Would say this is like a Jazz but a bit more of a C shape from what I recall from the 4 string jazz's I have played. [quote name='King Tut' timestamp='1442044313' post='2863959'] What's the neck width like on this? More akin to a J or a P? [/quote]
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