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  1. Hi there folk's, recently I have had a growing gas for a fretless bass. I've never played fretless bass before and I am looking to just dip my toes into the fretless world. What would you guys recommend as a good bass to get into the world of bass? I have been looking at a Sire m7 and also a squire P bass fretless. Do any users here have experience with these basses? What other fretless bass would be good for starting out on? Thanks :)
  2. Played a small gig on Saturday, crowd was great and bouncing. In all fairness it was my own wedding and the band I had booked gladly allowed me to practise and play a couple of songs with them throughout the night. My newly wife and I are massive Stevie Ray Vaughan fans so the band was happy to learn a couple of hits and let me play with them during the evening. All I can say is that no one was surprised when I got up to play. But, what was surprising was when my band and my dad (who also plays bass) booted the other band off and played some songs them self. Was a great wedding!
  3. That's great that yours was perfect out the box, was no problem tbh for me because I would be setting it up to how I like it and I do love cleaning my instruments as well. It is amazing just how well these basses are and how much bass you actually get for the money
  4. The pre amp is excellent, personally I don't have a problem with the tuners, aside from the screws, but some lighter ones wouldn't hurt. I was looking at the v9s but yeah it's a lot of money. As long there was a serious jump in quality between the v7s it could be worth the money
  5. Thanks, I absolutely love this rig!
  6. Ok, so it's not really a new bass day since I have had this bass for a couple of months now but I feel like I can now give it a proper review. So, I have had my eyes on the sire basses for a while had slowly the GAS grew! Decided in the new year I would order a V7 4 string to complement my Fender 5 string P bass for use with my busy function band. Ordered from Andertons there was around a 3 week delay waiting for the bass to come in stock. Once it arrived at Andertons it was dispatched promptly and arrived very quickly! In all honesty the bass didn't arrive perfect, the neck needed intunating, string height adjusting, there was a number of dirty frets and strings were dead. That was no biggy for me as I like to give my own instruments a proper set up. However I did have a big problem with buzz coming from the open E. It took me ages to find out the problem (it was from the bridge of the E string being so far back that the e string when strung through went over at 90 degrees). Now that all the problems have been fixed, all I can say about this bass is "WOW! " for the price point this bass really out plays a lot other ones. The neck is excellent and smooth, it took a while to get used to it compared to my 5 string P bass. The fret job is brilliant, no sharp edges at all. The tuners are sturdy enough, annoyingly I broke two of the screws on the E string while trying to find out the problem with the buzzing. However I do plan on upgrading the tuners. The pickup and pre amp is fantastic, clear punchy sound and really cuts through. But tbh I don't really use the pre amp a lot of the time I use it in passive mode. I really can't get over how much bass you get for the money, I absolutely love playing this bass and it's been difficult for me to put it down! So much that my Fender professional P bass is getting very jealous about it. I'm not really great at doing full gear reviews but if anybody has any questions about it feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.
  7. Yeah, for me it has to be practical over everything else. The old pedalboard was taking up too much room on stage and I like to move around. Had to my some sacrifices though, I am now using the in built compressor on my ashdown head than the Boss comp and also using the drive from the head as well. I picked up one of the foot switches for the amp and it sits next to the pedal board. But I still managed to get the main effects on
  8. My 2017 pedal board vs 2018 pedal board. A lot of the venues I played last year turned out to be pretty tight for space and decided that I'd rather have something more compact and light to take around, leaving me more room to dance around, rather than taking a massive pedalboard.
  9. I'm not sure if it's done on purpose, probably just the fact that some venues aren't designed to have bands play but they want to put them on. The stage itself is big enough just for a dj as well.
  10. First gig of the wedding season last night, wedding was originally booked for the Saturday but the venue closed so 3 weeks before the wedding everything was changed. Was a difficult wedding, imo we sounded and played great but due to the layout of the new venue we played inside a small box that was hidden away from the bar and couldn't see or really interact with the audience. Oh well, bring on the next wedding
  11. I was stuck between this and the ashdown RM500 evo when I was looking to upgrade my eden wtx264... Ended up going with the ashdown. I love the characters series pedal though
  12. Yeah, that's a great place, had many nights out there. Great atmosphere, I've been trying to get some gigs for my covers band through in Aberdeen but it's proven to be pretty difficult. Either the pubs/bars want acoustic song writers or original acts and competing against the local bigger Aberdeen cover bands is a bit of a nightmare
  13. Where abouts in Aberdeen was you playing?
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