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  1. Instrument Frequency Map

    Bookmarked. Cheers for that, will probably come in handy.
  2. The Welsh T Band to tour Birmingham!

    That's quite near me, what sort of music do you guys play?
  3. New Fenders

    I quite fancy that 5 string passive precision, but price increase or not i can't afford it for a while.
  4. Audition in 6 days !!

    I find the best way is just to use google - type in the song name and bass tab on the end, and just have a look at whatever comes up. Be wary though because half the tabs out there are not very accurate
  5. What do you spend your money on?

    A bit of everything, probably pedals recently because I don't have the cash or need for more amps and instruments at the moment, but I haven't bought anything apart from strings for a year.
  6. Not before a gig. I enjoy noodling stoned at home and I think it helps with coming up with new ideas sometimes, but I've recorded my playing on it and it's not pretty! It makes me enjoy the music more but my playing goes to hell, along with co-ordination, balance and memory.
  7. No more Badass bridges?

    That's not good...Got a badass v on my jazz, the previous owner put it on. I was going to get another one if i get another bass.
  8. Hello from Reading

    I'm from Reading too. Welcome.
  9. How Durable are Bassists?

    He completely retired from music after Freddie died i think. He's not in Queen + Paul Rodgers either. But he's still alive.
  10. How Durable are Bassists?

    Paul McCartney? He's doing better than at least 2 of the beatles anyway...
  11. When was your first??

    I was in a band right from the start as I did a McCartney and switched from guitar to bass. Had a gig with a different band after I had been playing 2 or 3 years. You don't need to be great at playing to jam with other people, and I would recommend it as it does improve your playing, but more importantly gives you a huge boost to your motivation to practice. And it's a lot of fun.
  12. help required

    It's a tricky one, they do tend to fall out easily. I usually try and hold the peg down tightly with something one hand while tuning the string up with the other, and hoping it doesn't go out when the string is tuned.
  13. I use Rotosound stainless steel roundwounds, they're reasonably cheap.
  14. There are 2 main types for electric basses, roundwounds and flatwounds. Roundwounds have a more attacking, zingy tone to them whereas flatwounds are a little darker. Roundwounds are more popular for fretted basses and flats more popular for fretlesses as they don't gouge the fingerboard as much. You can also get strigns in between round and flat, often called half-round or ground-wound. The material that the strings are made out of also affects the tone, with stainless steel a little brighter than nickel. Copper or phosphor bronze strings are only used in acoustic basses as they have poor magnetic qualities.