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  1. Now that I've gotten my more or less dream P and J Fenders, I'm seriously thinking about getting a cheaper version of each, Squier or even Harley Benton, and mod them a bit maybe, for rehearsal, and travelling/not too serious (hopefully) gigs (hopefully) (gigs please) I loaded my J with Lollar 70s (omg) so I have a couple of 99 deluxe noiseless pickups around to start the modding... Plus the stock fender preamp which was removed... I may try to use, sell or just keep it in the parts box...
  2. Obieito


    It is, Lake Placid Blue AO 60s, sounds like a beast too!
  3. Obieito


    This is my '99 Am Deluxe JB. I had it passivized a few months ago since I'd never been a fan of its preamp. I have since loaded it with a pair of Lollar 70's and oh my did that make a difference! It had originally white pickguard which I painted with car spray paint, and also put in a black control plate.
  4. Obieito


    After 12 years with a cheapie Yamaha, 20 years with a lovable Jazz, this was my first precision for my birthday this past October:
  5. Obieito

    Show us your rig!

    Thank you! I got the rig for quite cheap for what it is... then I went and spent a lot on the bass But well, my last bass I had bought it in 2000 so it was about time! It got my eye too at first, but then it won my ear oh yes it did!
  6. Obieito

    Show us your rig!

    Last gig in October:
  7. Well I had seen your post at Talkbass, and got the paper book. I took a photo with my bass next to it and was going to post last week just to say hi, thanks, and that I was having a great time reading your book, and was quite surprised as I couldn't find the article ... I saw only some google cache index links which were all not working... And I thought something like this would have happened. As they've already said, it's really weird that there's not an easy way we can talk about the book in Talkbass! Quite unbelievable. Anyway here's the stupid photo and thanks a lot for the book, it's a fine fun good read!
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