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  1. FWIW, I had a HB Jazz bass a while back & was also going to swap the pickups for something 'better' but I actually thought the Roswells were pretty good, so left them in. 🙂
  2. I don't post much on here, but thought I had to mention these! I'm sure some of you lot have come across them, or used them already, but I just had to comment on how amazing these things are for the money! I was looking for some inexpensive pickups for an old Washburn Taurus & thought I'd give these a whirl after reading a few positive reviews. I have other basses with 'high-end' pickups (Delano, Seymour Duncan, etc), but can't believe how good these are for a shade over 50 quid for a PJ set. Very lively, hot pickups, with plenty of top end snarl. Definitely bring the old Washburn to life! 😁
  3. But bloody cold! @Richard R I'm also a Richard R 😁
  4. Would also consider a swap/trade/px on a P bass 😀
  5. Allegedly, but it ain't in Dewsbury where I live! 😆
  6. Been on here quite a while, but not posted much! Used to play in a couple of original punk bands back in the 80s, had a long time out, got back into playing maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Been playing with my original metal band for about 3 years now - recently been in the studio recording our first EP 😀. Also recently hooked up with a couple of old mates to play some rock covers, which is proving very enjoyable & something different! Gear - I've been through quite a lot of basses, amps, cabs, pedals etc over the last few years, hunting the perfect sound (I guess most of us have been down that road?!). Anyway, a while back I bought a Darkglass B7k which was a revelation! I've now got hold of a Microtubes 900 head (bought on here), which is absolutely awesome! I pair it with a variety of Hartke Hydrive cabs (always loved them) - either 2 x 210s, a single 410 or a 410/115 for really big noise! I've kept hold of around 7 basses, but tend to favour my Jackson JS2, Ibanez SRX360, Yamaha TRBX504 & of course my Ibanez Destroyyyeeerrrrr! I'm very much a passive bass guy - even my active basses are rewired passive 😀 Looking forward to getting out there gigging again! Cheers!
  7. Kind of. It's a rather clever split coil which can be used either as a full humbucker, or rolled off with the varicoil knob to become a single coil ☺
  8. Selling my Trev Wilkinson Fret King Esprit in silver & black. I've owned this bass twice (originally from new), because it's just so damned awesome! However, after buying quite a bit of new gear recently, I need to shift a few things & unfortunately this one has to go. It's in mint condition & comes with a shaped gig bag. Bag is a bit grubby from storage, but does the job. I swapped the original gold speed knobs for black, but still have them to include. These still retail for around 500, so grab a bargain! Collection only, but I may be able to meet up somewhere, within reason.
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