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  1. @Helderius What did you end up with? Any luck on your hunt in 2009? I bought a Hwy1, 2003 model this April. I sanded down the neck and gave it some tung oil, and also installed EMG Gzr pickups. A fast and comfortable neck with low action and no dead spots. Love it!
  2. I have the 2x10 extension cabinet and can definetly recommend them. I am quite sure the result will be fine with the 1x15 as well. The sound get fuller and richer, and ridicuously loud. It definetly will improve the sound (and add some headroom that you propably won't need). But it is definetly worth the investment. The drummer and guitarist gave my cab a big thumbs up.
  3. Same here, whenever I have to read music I need to transcribe the score from bass to treble clef.
  4. How would you compare your Barefaced 4x10 to your BigTwin2? If you were to pick one of your cabs to play at low volume in church and also at loud volume on a stage that suck treble where cabs tend to go boomy/muddy (around 150 - 250hZ)? Edit: The amp is an Aguilar AG700
  5. I'm after a Berg (or maybe Aguilar) 4x10, or a 3x10 if Vanderkley, not a 2x12, as that is what I prefer. Talkbass members know next to nothing about Vanderkley (but a lot more about the Bergantino), so I thought I'd ask here about the Vanderkley. But it seems like there are not too many 3x10 Vanderkleys around, so I better ask Morten at Bass Buddha what he think. I will most likely do my shopping there in Denmark as it is easier for me as a Norwegian.
  6. It has definetly NOTHING to do with weight (no one mentioned weight here), but air resistance due to size. Take a big umbrella and a small one and go outside a windy day Alex, and you'll find out simple laws of physics. I know that you know more about building speakers than me, not going to argue about that. 🙂 I was asking for an honest opinion about Vanderkleys vs Bergantinos.
  7. Well, I was not here to argue about physics, soon enough one of the guys in here that make cabs can tell you what and why. But there is a reason why you never have seen a 15" tweeter... I simply wondered if you guys had any experience wht the Bergs ves the VK and what your experience was.
  8. The math is quite simple. The 10" speaker has to push less air than a 12" or 15" speaker and will because of that move faster back and forth. There are of course loads of things that affect this as open or closed cabs, size and type of magnets etc, but if everything else is equal, the bigger speaker will have to work harder and hence move slower. So what you are saying is that the Berg and Mesa are better in terms of clarity than the Vanderkley?
  9. On a more serious note... I practice at least an hour a day, and need something to keep me going. Some new gear every now and then spice things up. So really, no need to settle with just one bass. Unless you are poor and can not afford one. Been there, done that too... So if I can afford a new bass, I get one if I want to.
  10. If I spent like £ 200.000 on my house, £ 30.000 on my car etc, why should I settle with a £500 bass? Just because? The guys that make and sell our gear need money to support their families. Think of the starving children!
  11. I gig a lot with a Fender Rumble 500 v3. Light, cheap and loud enough for most gigs. With the dual gig bag housing 2 basses and a HX Stomp I get the whole rig in the back seat of my small Peugeot 2008. And bring the whole rig in one go without breaking my back in the process.
  12. I think I spent like £ 800 (ok more like £1100 with the 2 Boss WL-20's) on that between my bass and my amp, and with that HX Stomp I pretty much got everything covered. I spent like £ 800 on the Rumble 500 with the extension cabinet (and will propably blow £2000 on a new amp + cab now). That is a lot, but it is pocket change compared to what I/we in here spend on basses. Just the Stingray, US Fender and the Maruszczyk I bought in April this year ( boy the missus was not happy....) cost more than the total of everything else I have bought together. And I do not think twice about that, I just keep getting more and more basses. And for what? @glassmoon, if you got any other pedals, basses you do not need or whatever, now is the time to cash in and put it in the HX Stomp (or PodGO or effects). You will not regret it. The idea behind the Line6 for many is that you can get whatever sound you like out of that box almost regardless of what is before or after that box. (but who am I fooling, my 6th bass of 2020 is on its way from the Sire factory).
  13. If you got the dough you could get one of these and turn the HX Stomp into a real monster: https://tgt11.com/product.html/morningstar-mc6-mkii-midi-controller You can program it and it has a display where you could name effects, presets and what not... I went for the cheapo that cost £15 🙂 Edit: The foot switches do not require power, and have no light....
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