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  1. I have the exact same bass sat on top of the wardrobe. Purchased around the same time. May have to get it out and give it a whirl.
  2. My keyboard is actually on the way out, but those errors are all mine
  3. Deoxit is expensive but it can't be beat. I have two full fans if servisol on the shelf and everytime I reach for the deoxit. I've restored a hundred or so vintage hifi amplifiers and receivers over the past 15 years and can say with some certainty that dexoit is in another league to servisol.
  4. Disclaimer alert: I'm very much a beginner again after being a pretty poor player 20 years ago and equally so these days. I have had the Harley Benton enhanced PM for a couple of weeks now and it's amazing for the money. For context I also have a MIM Jazz, Ray34 and G&L Tribute L2500. The HB is below the Ray and Tribute in terms of the 'feel' you get from the bass, but certainly on par with the MIM Jazz. Yes the MM pickup is a bit hollow, the preamp isn't the most nuanced but it's great fun to play. I replaced the MM with a Wilkinson MM and it's improved the sound significantly. With the blend pot centred it's very quiet but a degree or two either way and it's great. If I were to be really picky the binding while feeling great does have the odd stain/blemish on it from construction. Buy one, now.
  5. As the previous owner I can say this is a lovely example of a great bass. Seller is a nice bloke too!
  6. Hi, Il take this on Friday (payday) if you can hold it?
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