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  1. Yes - it is very similar to the Rebel, but mine has the 3 position switch - it's a subtle difference I'll admit. Other than that I wouldn't be surprised if you're right and they were made in the same factory
  2. Yes - a volume for each pickup, a tone that covers both and a 3 position switch.
  3. Hi All, I bought this Westfield bass in around '97 - I've been playing it in every band I've been in since and I absolutely love it. It has always bemused me that there is no model number or markings of any kind other than the word Westfield. I have also never seen another one....or any Westfield bass with a pickup switch which makes this one very unusual. Have any of you ever seen one, played one? Know anything about it? Westfield are now discontinued and although I did find their old website on Webarchives there is no mention of this bass anywhere! I appreciate any info any of you might have! :)
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