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  1. i wasn't won over by Western Stars and soon stopped playing it. It has decent enough reviews - maybe I need to give it another go - wouldn't be the first time I ended up rediscovering an album after switching off from it too soon. This sounds oh-so-familiar but... that's OK. I was never a fan but was never negative about him for any reason - I was just listening to other stuff but I was won over when he played Glasto.
  2. Blue is one colour I generally dislike quite a lot TBH - I never chose it for anything, e.g. paint in the house - HOWEVER - I think LPB looks great on a bass - no idea why. One I liked the look of is this custom (Moniker) Zuma Yonit Spiegelman had made - I think the maple and white colours set it off nicely:-
  3. That would be surprising but truth is sometimes stranger than fiction... for instance. on the wiki page for The Scaffold song "Lilly The Pink" I was looking at today (long story how I came to be on this page) it says:- "Backing vocalists on the recording included Graham Nash (of The Hollies), Elton John (then Reg Dwight), and Tim Rice while Jack Bruce (of Cream) played the bass guitar" So... you could be right I guess.
  4. I've faintly heard of Bevis Frond but I'll have to look them up on YT. Hearing about an unfamiliar band and the endless search for new music made me think of a website I haven't been on in a while; it's an odd site created by a guy I've followed for a while - he's done some interesting projects/website - some of which he has decided to close to avoid having to maintain them so he can focus on new projects - I constantly forget the name of this site - it's www.gnod.com ( I think that's General Network of Discovery or something to that effect) - it's really a jump off point for several "discovery" sites that all use the same underlying technology - sites for discovering music, authors/books, artists - for the music site - one part - Project 1 (https://www.gnoosic.com/) relies on users entering the names of several bands that they like - it then makes recommendations based on bands/artists submitted by other users. The other part of the site - Project 2 (https://www.music-map.com/) simply enables you to enter the name of a band/artist and it displays a map - with the names of other bands/artists clustered around the one you enter - proximity should give some indication of how strongly they are linked by users liking the same bands. He also made the product comparison sites: https://www.productchart.com/ FYI The creator of these sites is https://twitter.com/marekgibney I've been listening to some King Crimson on YT and was surprised and incredibly impressed to hear a live version of Starless from 2016! It has not lost any of it's emotional strength - it's still an incredible piece imho.
  5. One of those days when every piece of music I play disappoints, depresses or irritates me - obviously it's me - like when you lose your sense of smell and taste when you are under the weather - except we don't have a specific that applies only to losing the ability to enjoy music.
  6. Sounds a bit 33 at 45 to me but still interesting - not sure I could manage an entire A and B side of it though!
  7. Easy to overlook Bruce Foxton's contribution in terms of vocals as well as bass to the Jam... this Smash The Clock album from 2016 is pretty easy to like.
  8. Takes me back to the time when Eurovision really was worth watching. Brilliant!
  9. I bought an FX pedal off them a few days before xmas - came quickly - no problems.
  10. Wouldn't have been surprised if I'd heard Bowie singing over this.
  11. Interesting to see how you see the lie of the land. I've really struggled with "Double Negative" - I got to like Drums & Guns after initially not liking it - but DN - in isolation some instrumental parts are haunting - it's just the bad impression the 1st track in particular (and the 2nd) make on me - I honestly thought I had a faulty CD on first listening - that harsh gravelly distorted sound and other similar studio effects that appear at intervals are not pleasant to listen to on earbuds/headphones - I have no idea what they were thinking - if some of these treatments could be removed I'd be interested in listening to the songs underneath more. I like the darkness, the space, the harmonies, the slow pace and the emotional graveside gravity in what they do - the first album is probably the one I've played most.
  12. I've got or heard all 13 albums (I'm including C'mon acoustic) and not heard this! Too many singles and EP's! Under-rated band imho.
  13. Great to see and hear this - I didn't know anything about this.
  14. One of my favourite, if not, my favourite Stones albums - in a way, I think Angie didn't do the album any favours - sometimes I think the album is overshadowed by that one track. I like the loose, hazy, summery vibe to the rest of the album.
  15. James Blunt - You're Beautiful - early on he says something like "I saw you with another man...but I've got a plan" and only a few lines later he's lamenting that "...I don't know what to do" - always grates on me.
  16. There is a very good BBC Sounds podcast about the Hurricane story - well worth checking out imho.
  17. I have tried to give Dylan the listening time he's due but I just can't get on board with him - I've been listening to this album over and over hoping it would be better than the JFK track - some of the lyrics are just too lame - there are some that have a bit of chemistry in them - I just feel he's not making any effort with the structure of his songs, the melodies - it seems to me he's just going with his thousand year old voice and a monologue and hoping that is enough to win people over. On this showing I really don't think he *currently* can hold a candle to Tom Waits who also has that lived-like-a-drunken-hobo voice in addition to great story telling, wit, imagination and imagery in his songwriting.
  18. @kevin_lindsay @TheMaartian @Stub Mandrel Seeing as it got mentioned here I've also listened to that Numan Savage album - it's dystopian as I'd expect but it hangs together like a film score - quite surprised and impressed with it - even if his vocals have been tapered with (and I don't know how much) they sound pretty good to me. I was more of a John Foxx fan tbh but this is a strong album. I saw him (+full band) with his daughter (on TV) singing a while back - I reckon this might have been the album he was playing from. I've picked up more ideas for great music to listen to on this forum than anywhere else I can think of.
  19. It's at the darker, sparser end of droning ambient - I like everything by this one man band - Sleep Research Facility - probably not very well known tbh. If you want to suspend your thoughts and go to sleep with something on I use music like this:- https://coldspring.bandcamp.com/album/deep-frieze-csr72cd
  20. I don't hear this on the radio that often but heard it a few days ago.
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