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  1. Sorry fella, it sold the gentleman who bought it first enquired about it last week so he had dibs I'm afraid, good luck with your search.
  2. Bought a Fender Precision Ultra from Matt, absolute gent to deal with, he really looks after his instruments, deal with confidence.
  3. Sold a Fender Precision Ultra to Tony, an absolute gentleman to deal with deal deal with confidence.
  4. Yeah thats my lowest price unfortunatley, if you want to see it in a whatsaap call I can do that, then you can see it's been looked after.
  5. Sold him my EBS Microbass 2 pedal, easy communication and was a pleasure to deal with.
  6. Sold a Sansamp bass driver Di box, all went smoothly, nice and polite gentleman to deal with.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, couple of excellent options here, thank you.
  8. I live just south of Aberdeen, I hzve heard the name before, perfect.
  9. As the title says I'm looking for a really good luthier in Scotland. I have a luthier I use but they haven't managed to setup my bass as well as one I bought off soneone else, idk, maybe they aernt that experienced setting up basses. The bass I have is super low action, it had its frets levelled and has absolutley no fret buzz anywhere, I need a luthier that understands this.
  10. This is a lovely precision, I have thought a lot about keeping it, blah blah, etc etc......(edit, so I'm keeping it).....
  11. I have one of these, it doesn't just cut through the mix it decapitates it with a samurai sword, reccommended.
  12. Hi, yes its still avaliable, it doesn't come with a power supply, it takes a regular pedalboard 9v power supply, 9v battery or desk power from the DI out if you're plugged into the PA. Postage is £7.65 Royal mail special delivery. Quote
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