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  1. Well My guitarist play a Jaguar, it's quite high endy, so if I have a clean sound it does sit nicely. I have been experimenting with the darkglass, I have found a nice compromise, I use the blend knob to keep 75% clean sound and 25% overdrive and distortion. It's a subtle change but I prefer it to a full on distorted bass. Need more time to experiment, I have also used very mild distortion, going for a Chris Squire sort of effect, blended with a usable slap sound, watch this space, not the easiest thing to pull off, but I'm getting close.
  2. Absolute Bargain, I have one and I'm now looking for a 4 string one. 😅
  3. You want to know what is weird though, I love the Darkglass Ultra for it's EQ, I can use it for that alone. I did some pick work the other day and that seems to make a huge difference, I shall play around a bit more.
  4. I have a boss bass overdrive, an ebs microbass 2 and a Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra. And I can't find a distortion/overdrive sound I like on any of them. I use a fender Jazz, Ric 4003, and Musicman Stingray. I play fingerstyle mainly. I hear people say it makes you stand out in the mix where I feel the opposite is true. I feel my bass distorted gets lost. My band all agrees with me, they prefer my clean tone which I'm very proud of how I sound. I definatley don't get lost but probably carry more treble than I would if we had less of a hard alt rock sound. I like the clear bell ringing highs and beefy lows. I've tried again and again to get it to work, in the end I just turn it off because I can't be doing with the sound of it. Some people sound amazing with distortion, I don't think I'm one of those people. Been doing my napper in as I thought by now I'd have found something I like, but I havent.
  5. To be honest I have proper gas for this but I just bought a black Stingray 5, If I buy any more basses I'll definatley be in the sh#t with the missus. Could trade a Rickenbacker 4003 (altough i can't because the Rickenbacker overlords watching these forums will come and [email protected] my a##e)..🙂
  6. I use an EBS Reidmar 250, I couldn`t believe how good (and loud) it was when I first played it. Does everything I want it to do and then some. They are super helpful too.
  7. Hi, could you please post a couple of pics of the back of the bass including the serial number thank you.
  8. I've got a polytune, its spot on, best tuner I have ever used.
  9. No worries bro, I appreciate your decision, it certainly shows you are very consciencious, and that's a very good thing. I'm not afraid of a dicky preamp, I'm able to tinker, and replace if required. One possibility could be to possibly do a video call with WhatsApp and you could show me the issues. Just offering options, I do completley understand you not wanting hassle. Whatever you feel is right is cool with me.
  10. I thought from your earlier post that you were prepared to ship. I've had 3 expensive basses couriered to me and never had a problem, and the most valuable one was in a soft case, it had a stinky poo load of bubble wrap and gaffer tape on it though. Its not difficult to do, And any carrier can courier with insurance, it's not difficult, I'm keen and I have the money, but it's your instrument and if you're not comfortable that's fine, however, for me to come to you would be a 1000 mile round trip for me, sorry that's too far. Nice bass though, good luck with the sale.
  11. Thanks for the link, I did some extra digging and you are correct, what a RIP off. Same will now apply to buying stuff from the EU, so yeah basically you're screwed buying anything outside of the UK. That said this Elite is lovely and it's not a bad price so it might still be worth it for you.
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